AS Roma vs. Real Madrid – Match report – November 27, 2018


(Paola Núñez, writer) – Real Madrid met in Rome with a 0-2 impact to maintain their place in the first round of the group.

When he did not expect him. When everyone gave it to an end. The more, they were disqualified for the "great lack of promise" was fantastic. When Madrid's hometown was released to give the Premier League or where Gareth Bale made the way for Real Madrid to clarify.

Gareth Bale benefited from a Roman donation to initiate an influence that could be confirmed to her; First place in his company, and thereby, stop the way to the final. If the merengo team is trying to find itself between this and February, when the 16 distribution is played.

Roma and Real Madrid started the game that was notified, both, about 16 after Pilsen's influence over CSKA Moscow. However, their first place was in place. The difference in the second round against campaigners & # 39; Manchester City, Juventus no Barcelona, ​​do not ignore them.

And Real Madrid does not face big challenges. Whether it is with Solari or the previous one, it becomes harder and harder to settle and resolve his ideas. Every time it takes less and it will take more. They are – sometimes – the confidence that Solari has asked for and another.

But not everything that is arrested.

In 45 minutes, Madrid can not smallest damage in the Roman goal. An interesting move here and that of Kroos. Occupation from Ballet to any place. Another member of Lucas Vázquez, hungry to show the best show. But Madrid created a small game with consistency, no matter how hard it tried to break. Search the triangle.

Desperate Bale, Marcelo and Lucas, who try to & # 39; a member of the area as appropriate. More Benzema, with that big thing going to meet an unusual high level quota; a burden as well as his normal job in creating and everyone for the fool to not play him in the way.

Kroos lost, nothing else to find a pair. No Modric, the only dangerous thing to catch from outside the area. It is true that Rome has closed behind. But Madrid has the ability to open any theory. It was not in the first time.

Back, crash. There was no defense game that the ball did not deliver in a risk zone. Luck helped them; the umpteenth ball that was screened by the military and re-installations of Courtois. Also the lack of knowledge of the Roman invasion. Without the lazy ElShaarawy, Roma had not attacked over 22 years. And it was noted. Talent, they are. But it's not the fang that overlooks it. mherengue set up. Something that is as simple as taking your head to & # 39; burn. So many of them went to Uber – as well as putting a member to heaven with Courtois to be straightforward.

And that same fortune, together with the lack of knowledge of the Romans, except for the day for Madrid and took a cattle off Bale.

Olsen ended ill-treatment in the face of the & # 39; 11, where he had to be and kept all that he did; He could kill him without taking out of a place, which started the 0-1 to two minutes of the second part.

Ten minutes later, the meringues once again rejoiced when they discovered the open Bale center, which aimed to finish Benzema, a few meters from the door. A point to th; in counting as an opportunity to leave, but then Lucas Vázquez, who was already in solid control of Solari, showed himself to take the lead ahead of the name Isco or Asensio. The Galician was forced to push the ball to put 0-2 and finish the day. And maybe the season.

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