As you can help, Horsham pupils support young people & # 39; so-vulnerable & Zimbabwe


A group of Horsham pupils have been sleeping out to raise money for vulnerable young people.

Seventeen pupils from the Christian Hospital spent three cold nights camping out on school grounds.

They raised money to build a table hostel for Kafusi High School, Zimbabwe High School Challenges in the Challenge, from 13 to 16 November.

Adeola, a pupil who challenged the challenge, said: "Outdoor camping was not easy. It really showed how important our restaurants are on our lives and how dangerous it is; one can sleep out with weather and unexpected events. "

Year 13 pupils tried to continue to accompany every rhythm of their academic life, without sympathy of their normal residence.

Lennox, who was selected for the U18 England Rugby Team, said: "Rugby training is a piece of cake compared to trying to live alone from a tent!"

The school, in Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe recently has achieved the sixth form status.

This means that students from across Matabeleland are willing to sign up on A-level courses with some who are traveled hundreds of thousands.

However, the school does not have a boardroom, and many come to what Zimbabweans have to do; call & move & bus

They record at the school and find a place to sleep where they can, with relatives or sometimes out in places that are vulnerable.

Christian Hospital pupils aim to build £ 20,000 for Kafusi's daughter board hostel.

Helena, the student who organized the event, said: "We were able to keep a tent inside – whatever the wanders or jumping (or were there That feeling!) Subordinate emotion we suffered – it was still a very good benefit with so many young people out there, without a top on top.

"It's not just feeling that you're just lamenting it, but it's still something exciting that does not worry something, no matter how small He is.

Christ's Hospital, through charitable charitable property, has been on the # 39; supporting the community around Kafusi for several years.

In 2011, working with the Zimbabwean poet and musician Albert Nyathi, he helped with a collaborative community garden called Thuthukani, near the school.

The project has become a community resource that fits its nutrition; community and fundraising for it from additional food sales.

Many of the residents of this area of ​​Matabeleland have had an impact on this.

In the last few months, the project expanded to create a partnership with Kafusi High School.

In the Thuthukani case, the Christian Hospital community has built funds to help the Kafusi community. The same thing is related to the hostel; Recommended – donations will be made in the form of materials, and its community has taken control of the work to end the project.

All proceeds received will be processed with charitable property of the Christian Hospital chapel.

Up to £ 3,361 has been raised. For donation see

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