As you can see the best meteor shower of the year in Chile


Do you want to see the sky? An leacan-bird, it may be the best meteor shower of the year, which will take place early in the morning Friday, December 14. The best time in our country is to watch them from 01:00 to 02:00 a.m..

This exhibition, called "water of stars", when the Earth cries the order of comet, stellar objects to the back of the left and left behind, when entering to # 39; Earth's atmosphere, it will decline and reduce the amount of the Earth's atmosphere; swelling.

The geminide case is "very special", since this meteor shower does not come from a comet, but from Phaethon asteroid (with Phaethon, son of Helios, sunlight), comet comet, without unstable elements found in 1983.

Phaeton, which is 5.10 kilometers, is a & # 39; coming to the Sun every 1.4 years, but the asteroid is closer to the known star, even more than a star; planet Mercury, a method that makes some of its rubbish burn, create the grease tail that causes the meteor shower.

Although the meteor shower began on December 4, this surprise will record the highest level during the night and early morning from Thursday to Friday, at that time "one or two meteors every minute ". The water can be seen until the 17th.

To enjoy you, you just need to have a good look and look at the sky beyond midnight and on the other side to the Moon, to avoid its clarity. Throughout Friday, this meteor shower showcases live on the website.

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