As you connect super easy 2019


If you are constantly asking how to connect to WhatsApp Web, you have come to the right place.

WhatsApp is the fastest messaging application you've enjoyed around the world, so it's very important to know what it looks like; get to get the best out of it.

One of the options that came to help many people, is the ability to & # 39; connect to the application through the computer.

WhatsApp Web is an extension of our cell phone application to move conversations without the need to revise the mobile device.

It's a practical tool if we have a lot of work and we want everything from our computer.

Web WhatsApp is very simple. You must take into account the following steps:

1.- Open WhatsApp as usual from your phone.

2. – Further on, go to the top three points of the top and select "WhatsApp Web". Your camera will open automatically to scan the QR code.




4.- Finally, you have to show the code that appears on screen to & # 39; computer and Ready!

WhatsApp Web use is very useful when we want to avoid a dispute with our mobile device.

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