Asian fans mourn for Thanks for the Vietnam missile


Last night, Vietnam's team was in Myanmar 0-0. In this game, we played the bit; and we created more opportunities. In particular, Van Toan was rejected by the goal when the referee stated that Vietnam's player was in the place where the outside was.

This is a controversial situation. Former referee FIFA, Luong The Tai, said Van Toan is not in line with his / her length of camera & # 39; He is still standing on Myanmar's final defender.

On the social network, many fans in Asia appeared unhappy with their decision; Despite Van Toan's goal. An article on Twitter commented: "Sorry. Indeed, there are no outside situations in that situation."

Surya's similar ideas are also: "I do not understand why the referee has refused the target. Clearly, the Vietnam players are out there.

Petrichor's report says: "I am not completely happy with this result. Vietnam has created many opportunities and evaluators are unfair."

The Ten78 Account has a heavy language: "Myanmar has already bought the referee."

Ryan Steele wrote: "Myanmar is very successful when drawing Vietnam at home."

"I did not think of breaking Vietnam's players," said Frito Mi. He was killed after the warden was pushed out. I believe that the referee's salary should be raised by the Asian Football Alliance. "

Peachee Thaiman wrote: "For the teams in south-eastern Asia, I want to take a neutral position. The referee was not good today. A wrong referee can take place at all football levels. I hope Vietnam fans are to understand that. "

At the same time, on social networks, fans searched on the Thai referee Phubes Lekpha's Facebook page, who built the offside banner in this sensitive situation.


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