Asian journalists say that they felt that the journalists at Park had a " hiding for Thailand's decline


Wednesday 21/11/2018 09:35 AM (GMT + 7)

Vietnam has lost its impact on Myanmar. But experts in Asia still value what this Hang Coach Park is.

Watch the saved Van Toot video but has been rejected (the clip section in NextMedia is broadcast on VTC)

Vietnam Team he can not climb to the top of the AFF Cup 2018 after three tours. Coach Park has impacted on Laos, Malaysia and the shared points on Myanmar. With 7 points marked +5 (5/0), Vietnam is behind Myanmar because of secondary, +5 (7/2).

Myanmar: An Asian journalist complains that Park is a " secret wait for Thailand lower - 1

Vietnam should not regret the peace of Myanmar

But Vietnam is still the best candidate for a No. 1 league record. Golden Stars are benefiting from the timetable. In the last game, Vietnam gave Cambodia and Myanmar had to play in the Malaya field (6 points).

Looking back at the 0-0 draw in Myanmar last Tuesday, Asian professionals have a & n; Appreciate the performance of Vietnam team. Gabriel Tan said on Fox Sports Asia, that Park Hang coach has not gone out.

This expert recognizes Coach Hang Seo Park It is very uncertain about methods as well as the way people move. After the past three games, the Vietnam team used many players. But only the backbone, midfielder and Quang Hai mid-player, Xuan Truong, have been restored.

So, to this extent, it is still very difficult to assess the real strength of Vietnam team. Against all the opponents, Park Hang Seo coach is again offering a strategy, the team's aim to pass but just enough it is not so big.

Myanmar: An Asian journalist complains that Park is a " secret wait for Thailand lower - 2

Park Hang This is still a lot of "secret weapons"

Without stopping there, Gabriel Tan also found many of his secret weapons. This Park Hang coach. As well as Van Toan's risk at the end of the game, Korean activists still have a "brick" to another.

Ha Duc Chinh and Tien Linh did not appear at the 201 AFF Cup. These are a different struggle. Duc Chinh has the ability to play the climb, not a good battle, an independent V-League 2018 competition and the V-League 2018 technical diversity.

Completing its & # 39; The scientist Gabriel Tan confirmed that he was recovering his & her; A crucial work tour for Vietnam and so the attraction on Myanmar is totally appropriate. Coaches are an important thing This Hang Park Not to be caught when strong enemies, especially Thailand fall into a permanent game.

Experts expect the Vietnam department to prepare for the next battle

Vietnamese football experts have been very fond of their game.

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