Asian News congratulating Cong Phuong from Number 1


Monday, 11/19/2018 19:06 PM (GMT + 7)

Malay stripper, stripper Cong Phuong, is one of the best five best names in the AFF Suzuki 2018 Cup.

Visiting 2 goals to & # 39; Chongo at AFF Cup 2018 (Face Referencing Media):

Nguyen Cong Phuong (Vietnam)

Cong Cong grew one of the best five names in the AFF Suzuki 2018 Cup, even recorded Àir. 1 – According to Fox Sports Asia voting.

The best 5 times AFF Cup 3: The Italian Phot Phu metaphor number 1 - 1

Cong Phuong beat in defeating Malay

The Nghe performer is professionally professional, because he has not played a great deal on Vietnam's U23 competitions such as Quang Hai, Van Thanh or Bui Tien Dung.

Gabriel Tan, Fox Sport, said: "Cong Phuong has always been thinking of a clear star of Vietnamese football team, with two direct goals in the games against Laos and Malalais, Phuong and confirmed that he could appear in big games. "

In this year's competition, Changhong changed much, he played more broader, simplified and more efficient. And this is seen as the leading signs of Cong Phuong to be the most serious CEO of AFF Cup 2018.

Aung Thu (Myanmar)

In the 4-1 victory over Cambodia, "Ronaldo Myanmar" came only on its " bays. However, Aung Thu returned quickly and continued her as the "soul" in a 3-1 decision on Laos on November 16. With speed, accuracy and accuracy, Aung Thu demonstrated an ambition in Laos as still the most important and optimistic player in Myanmar.

Wiriyaudomsiri (Thailand)

In the 4-2 impact on Thailand on Indonesia, Korrakot Wiriyaudomsiri was the largest speaker in Thailand's 1-0 equity. In particular, in the 38 minute moment, Korrakot from the corner into the web just surprised almost four thousand people of the audience.

Best 5 times AFF Cup: Asian newspaper Cong Phu metafhor numbered 1 - 2

Wiriyaudomsiri (knee) indicates the visit against Indonesia

Vongchiengkham (Laos)

Although Lao is just starting 1-3 ahead of Myanmar at the same time to miss his / her; Competition, Vongchiengkham has a good game yet to prove themselves as football stars in South East Asia.

Nelson Viegas (East Timor)

Like Laos, East Timor is the second official name to save the 201 201 AFF Cup after three games have been lost. However, after the 3-0 of Philippines are managed, Nelson Viegas is the most timid player from the Division and is the agent who has helped East Timor get two goals.

Myanmar-Vietnam news conference: 3 teacher's Park, and Cong Phuong's suggestion

Coach Park Hang Seo and Cong Phuong respected the laird landlord of Myanmar but decided to win.

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