Asian newspaper: Indigenous people compete with Thailand Sport


According to this newspaper, so far, Thailand is always the different team with a & # 39; rest of the South East Asian football. Not only did they do it? success in the area, and they were very successful in the continental world, where there were not enough teams in the area enough to keep up.

At the 2011 AFF Cup, Thailand only used the B team to take part, but they still continued to resist the & # 39; rest. In particular, after two games, the team that has the highest goals with 11 visits is streamlined and they only provide two goals. Ann, there was a 7-0 impact over East Timor.

In addition, Thailand also has a number of quality players on its horizon, ready for play at any time. That is not said, the team of the Golden Temple team also show incredible performance when it comes to the " ask 2 goals.

However, there is a team in which to compete with Thailand on the depth of 2018 AFF Cup and that's; Vietnam. In addition to a strong defense not allowed after three tours, the "Golden Dragon" series also won 5 goals.

At the same time, on the bay, Park Hang's coach-always has always been the keeper of Bui Tien Dung, Ha Duc Chinh, or Nguyen Tien Linh …

However, there is a "fear" place in Vietnam in the "knowledge of how to win the game's weakness". For example, in two matches against Malaysia and Myanmar, Hang-co coach is always the smallest team, but has created more opportunities.

Even though the referee is more specific in his game with Myanmar, Vietnam's Phone is scoring and more likely to win. So b & a; first team that won tickets to the final competition.



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