Asian newspapers talk about the aim that was rejected by Van Toan


The Asian papers have their ideas about the final game with a 0-0 draw between Vietnam Phone and Myanmar hospitality.

Asian newspapers talk about the aim that was rejected by Van Toan

In a game, Thuwunna Stadium was on November 20, Vietnam had hosted Myanmar's goals.

It can be said that the game where the students who coach Park Hang Here have had many opportunities to eat food. In addition, Vietnam's ban on Vietnam was a legitimate goal for Van Toan after replacing the place at the end of the second half.
Bloom Sport was a refusal of van toan

After their game, the banner decides on the Thai referee side without Asian sports news, after the end of Van Toan.

Asian newspapers spoke about the refusal of Van Toan's goal: "As the game went on to the last minute, the Vietnam team came to a near win when the player berry – Van Toan hit her Myanmar Tel. grid.

But suddenly, the referee was a banner outside, despite a response from Vietnam players. It is a controversial situation with a & # 39; Looking back slowly, it seems that Van Toan before he starts in to the end is still standing on Myanmar's defender.

At the same time, Chosun (Korea) also had a harsh feeling for Park Hang Park, following the refusal of Van Toan's goal. This newspaper says: "In the 32th minute of the second half (77 minutes), the sharp quang Hai quiz went to the back of Myanmar guardian, then he got Vietnam to his death to the But the confectioner was caught where he was.

However, the scoring player (Van Toan) can be seen behind the red shirt. It's hard for Vietnam, when the referee decides.


"It's a breach decision, because Vietnam's Vietnam Van (Van Toan) is still behind the defender of Myanmar," said InterFootball.

As well as bringing sympathy to Vietnam, the Korean media also valued the ability to oversee the 2018 AFF Cup of the red shirts when Park's next challenge is not and # 39; students only. Customs government has gone out of rights.

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