Asian oil prices have been secured but the applications are still expected to be bad


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Gas station in Seoul, South Korea. Photograph: AFP / TTXVN

Especially, in a Singapore market, at 12:16 in the afternoon of Vietnam, the oil prices of the Brent Sea were at & # 39; Increase 1.07 dollars per barrel, 1.7% to 63.60 dollars per barrel, and raw oil prices A sweet, sweet, sweet rose US $ 1.03 barrel, or 1.9 percent, for a trading at $ 54.46 barrel.

The revival in oil prices came after the 20 November report from the American Petroleum Institute (API) which showed that the country's commercial oil oil fell by 1.5 million barrels that were not expected to 439, 2 million barrels in the Week ends on November 16.

In addition, Indian oil furnishings registered a level of almost 5 million barrels per day, and also contributed to a "black gold" hpox subsidy.

However, the session's revival was not enough to stop the general weakness of their oil market, as oil prices dropped more than 6 per cent in the previous session as a sale of markets global stock. South Westerly

Reservoirs are still aware, as the International Energy Organization (IEA) has warned of non-planned instability in oil markets due to economic hardship and political risks.

Depending on the rising oil demand and the desired objectives, the Petroleum Change Agency (OPEC) Agency is carrying up 1-1.4 million barrel cut daily to avoid duplication . Set on more provision in 2014.

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