Asian Speed! Sun Xingyu set a thousand miles to single trip Pingyi blue defensive line


Original title: speed Asia! Sun Xingyu set a thousand miles for one time to attract

Tottenham 3-1 won Chelsea, then Sun Xingyu, who was a member of an Asian member, appeared again, and went out of his & # 39; a member on the right of his opponent and hit the enemy's lane to put the member into the net. As everyone knows, the Chinese star Wu Lei is famous for its low speed, but it's obvious that it's so hard to copy it. With this member, Sun Xingyu received a last 50-mile milestone in the Tottenham post.

As one of the Premier League BIG6 teams, Tottenham has gathered a number of players, including England captain Harry Kane, the leading player in the middle of England and other stars. However, even so, Sun Xingyu is not willing to be the duty of support. In this game, just after Ali and Harry Kane broke down, Asian King also gave an amazing goal.

Sun Xingqi classic classics. It is not so foolish to say that this objective is even an excellent job in Russia. At the time, the game went to 54 minutes, Tottenham 2-0 Chelsea took on.from

Ali made a face in the backdrop. After Sun Xingyu went to her; get a case in the middle of the park, run it to the right of the back. Although he was a run by the member, the Koreans were able to get rid of Jožinho and then they were in a position; fight back. David-Louis's defense was opened, and finally cut into the top, and came in front of the small restricted range and moved his left foot.

Sun Xingyu's goal was to delete the supporters. The supporters stood on the scene and praised them, and the Sky Sports reporter was responsible for the definition of his / her. "unexpected" game. Not only that, but even the Chelsea players were extremely and sad. Indeed, in front of such a Chelsea giant, Sun Xingyu was so amazing that I would like to appreciate!

Indeed, the Sun Xingqi initiative might have started early, but the keeper's performance was good. His goal was not late for 54 minutes. In the 10 minutes, Eriksson built the left of his / her penalty in his & # 39; the front row. Sun Xingyu put his right foot and put it a bit higher. In 31 minutes, Sun Xingyu's casualty shot was killed near the top of the limited area. By the end of the midfield, Sun Xing took a picture from Eriksson and gave his member. Copa dropped again to the ground and saved the ball.

It is worth saying that the Sun Xingqi campaign has been a mile mile, and is also the first league to win this season, and Tottenham's 50th visit is also in various events.from

The data shows that Sun Xingyu has 154 games on behalf of Tottenham in a number of competitions, and they are 50 tickets in total, including 107 games in the league and his / her; scores 31 visit.

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