Aspirin may be used for multiple sclerosis treatment, according to the study


Aspirin, used in low doses, can reduce the importance of symptoms and prevalence in a patient protection system with multiple sclerosis, after being determined effective in test with mice, according to a study published today in the Science Signs magazine.

According to the research, the aspirin that was run orally reduced to the most serious and operating mice of the symptoms, and dragging on the myelin diminution and preventing the inclusion of cells in a & # 39; backbone.

The amount of aspirin that was applied to the mice similar to a dose of a child's drug was the drug in the adult of humans.

Multiple sclerosis is an acute disease that affects more than 2.3 million people in the world and who have a source in the loss of myelin, a protein of the strange system that is responsible for a & # 39; distributing electrical devices and protecting neurons.

Researchers at Rush University (Chicago) found an unacceptable impact of this common, commonly used drug to relieve pain.

With a small amount, can aspirin be able to; Encouraging the creation of positive cells for curious addiction, and dragging on the activity of these strange cells – Tregg- a tha & # 39; attacking the strange system, which decides to & # 39; and the reliance on the balance that causes the symptoms of diversity sclerosis.

The scientific team, led by Susanta Mondal, identified the safety of an active aspirin principal and was so easy to manage, and thus could be re-used as a cure for patients with multiple sclerosis and self-disorders -the other related to the dysfunction of the same Treg cell. EFE

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