Assassin III Credit seems to be moving to & # 39; move after everything, according to the Ubisoft website



Connect Spyro Reignited Trilogy on a list of the worst ambitions of Switch, recently published Assassin's Creed III the focus again looks good and indeed its # 39; to achieve on a Nintendo device. This time, the leak & # 39; coming from Ubisoft itself.

Just like Spyro, Assassin Creed III praised has been giving good attention to Switch for a long time but has not been formally named. The first fact came from a German soldier's list; It was suggested that the Assassin & # 39; Switch and other consoles and did not long after recording many games on it; a converted game under the correct title to Switch to Switch too.

Despite all this, he sent a press release from Ubisoft just last week on the beans on the official launch day of his game, and he said clearly that he would come to PS4, Xbox One and PC. No Switch was mentioned at all, and as long as we were in & # 39; think about it can go to Nintendo to keep the news back for Next, it was likely that Switch would have been out of its & # 39; question, at least for the time.

Now, however, as the Twitter user first saw @AwesomePlatter, the game is available on the Ubisoft Club website. You need to be logged in to see the game, but you'll see it. Switch which is clearly listed alongside the aforementioned platforms. We have captured a picture below.

Picture of the Ubisoft Club website
Picture of the Ubisoft Club website

If Ubisoft's own site is listed under Switch, and a game with a game is very positive with a special solution dates, it must be & # 39; come to her consons, right? We have not yet found an official confirmation that the game is definitely coming to Switch, but it seems that it's amazing now.

Do you think it's just a bit of time before it's right? Do you think it's back for Nintendo Direct? Tell us below.

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