Assessors "give warning" to lawyers about the number of losses


In the morning of November 20, the first trial trial of the case was completed; including MHB and MHBS by questioning.

As the warning of the trial panel, representatives of assessors and State Bank inspectors (SBV) were present at the morning (November 20) to take part in the questionnaire in connection with the document; evaluation. Damage and MHBS inspection report.

Lawyer Truong Trong Nghia, the defendant named Huynh Nam Dung, who chaired MHB and MHBS, was notified by the assessor for the purpose of his & her. ; evaluation that MHBS uses for anything. SBV experts refused to respond and said that, when assigned to evaluate, as well as they did according to the law.

Applicant questionnaire questioners can also collect other documents to complete their assessment. Assessors commented that the EC introduced to them what constitutes a legal basis for monitoring assessment.

Father Truong Thi Minh Tho said, based on an evaluation decision No. 9037 dated 25/11/2016 at page 3, 4 saying that MHB has had a capital MHB business center over its year with more than 4,900 billion. The lawyer asked why the total number was not included in the annual loss, as the total figure was misleading.

"In a decision I do not use the word to spoil. The statistics from the Police Inspection Group for the purpose of damaging," replied the SBV assessor.

"It means that the police will analyze what harm you have done, do you consider it?" He asked the lawyer Tho and the assessor that they were not damaged.

"No harm, and so, what number do you think?" Invite the attack and the respondent replied that it was a special number; at that time.

"The same number at the time but what is the legal name? What is the investigation to continue to determine? The management and inspection team must be an independent expert, whatever the body is going to do, "said Tho lawyer.

Tho lawyer also asked the assessor that the Vietnam State Bank is obliged to investigate trips? The assessor said it was not.

"If there is no asset assessment action at MHBS, what are the reasons why MHBS decides that the securities that the company can pay are not paid VND272 billion for MHB? " The inspector stated that he was based on MHBS's audited financial statements, which could not pay 272 billion dollars to MHB.

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