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These are the messages that distinguished between the members of the Civil Service Inspection Team on a roadside order and construction order (known as the Inspection Team) Tan Son Nhi Ward (Tan Phu District). ) with the chairman of the Board Members' Committee chairman of the official inspection team.

Center inspection

In 2017, an illegal construction situation arose in Tan Son Nhi Ward due to state control and the management of officers is in place; Performing state management actions in the construction area is not tight.

From the people's confidentiality, the Standing Committee of the Patron's Face Committee at Tan Son Nhi Ward develops a specialized monitoring plan for a religious officer – a town and environmental building officer, a civil servant for the administration of an order. urban, 5 urban equipment management co-operatives.

By monitoring construction work from January 2017 to March 2018, the production found that 37 repairs had been caused by harassment and asked the relevant officers to get over the next two years. jobs. In particular, 6 construction and unauthorized construction works were allowed, and the inspection team requested the Chair of the Ward's People Committee to continue to manage their purpose.

Following the special guides, Tan Son Nhi Ward's chairman of the People's Chamber decided to establish a public inspection team in the ward, including 9 members who were over 9 neighbors.

As well as the registration of civil service registers, team members regularly provide information on road protection, unauthorized acquisition, and conversation groups. The Ward Members Committee Chairman, thus assisting the Ward People Committee, Strengthening the work of the officers in charge of these areas.

Seallan 1 for performing performance performancePeople decided to provide Hoa Thanh Ward (Phun Phu Area) service through performance software

Similarly, in the Hoa Thanh district (the Tan Phu area), in March and April -1818, the inspection representation was made up of members of Frontland Father, Veterans Association, Women's Union, Youth Union, Thanh The Board Members' Committee and its Home Executive Group oversees state control in managing and running. using 23 public domains in the ward area.

Through an inspection, the Fatherland Front warding of the Ward People Committee recommends to be & # 39; Strengthening the management of some empty land to ensure environmental healing, not to occur in a declining situation. Oir the land on Than Thanh road is more than 1,100m2 Some of the households residing in a part of waste transport, require the equipment authorities to enter the Home Management Office, Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

These results show how effective & The Front Fatherland's scrutiny activities and political unions. In a five year period (2013-2018), the Ward Committee of the Tan Phu area has coordinated 82 coordination and coordination of achievement 45 research in social and cultural, education and health .

The recommendations were made by the People's Committee, and the units noted the difficulties reported by the inspection missions.

Make the people happy

"I went to the ward to give my son a child. I'm very happy with his work, and I'm very happy," said Pham Nguyen Tien Nam (from Tan Quy, the Tan Phu area). the software just says. According to the Outer, the "signal" is a practical way for people to convey ideas for sleepers and civil servants to improve their service for the people.

In the Phu Phu area, one of the effective ways of managing them is "Vietnam Viet Front Front cadres, civil servants and Party members in residential areas" in the spirit of the 19-CT / TU on 10-10-2013 date of the Standing Committee of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee.

People 's views were related to sailors, civil servants, party members at human conferences, group meetings, meetings and discussions between directors and gender representatives of people … the Committee on Front Fatherland is the wards that were registration, in relation to a petition to the Committee of the Parties, to protect the People's Committee.

In addition, the Surveyors of People Ward quarterly surveyed the survey, but at the department that had been randomized; registers and returns resulted in the management of many ward administration procedures, the allocation of individuals has been evaluated. For administrative procedures, customer service and civil servants receive direct advice and will advise the handling of recordings. Since then, the VFF Ward has shown time to authorities to take steps to improve and improve their administrative development.

"After evaluating the people, the views of the cadres and civil servants have many positive changes. At the reception department, administrative records, bedrooms, civil servants are happy, careful and willing to explain what is in the methods and procedures that people do not understand; the records are settled quickly and over time, so the level of satisfaction of people has increased, "said Tang Van Nhu, Chairman of the Central Hoa Committee Thanh Ward.

In addition, the survey work of people is very important, there are many ways in which the ward system is in the ward for people to be involved in the study.

Typically, the Face 4 Office in the Tay Thanh area, from 2015, is just for the people in the weekly office in the community office on Sunday morning, with the participation of district party committee level, members Council The People's Organization has been organized to provide comments to people involved in cadres, civil servants and Party members in the community. So far, this model has been represented in 8 other cards of the ward.

With several different ways, practically and effectively, in recent years, Phun Phu District Fathers have improved the quality of leadership work, and the promotion of the people's role in doing so; Building your Party, & # 39; government building. Fatherland Front is indeed a place where people can express their concerns and aspirations and their expectations. becoming reliable channels for connecting people.

Little search was made

(Former Chairman of Vietnam's Frontland Fatherland Committee at Ho Chi Minh Town)

Over the years, the VFF system at all levels and the political and social organizations in the population have held many of the directors for cadres, civil servants and Party members who have a & # 39; stay and do; live in the community. In fact, the number was not quite wrong. From 2017 to date, the city has only over 20 quarters, civil servants and party members and has been tackled by moral disruption, unmistakable lifestyle, so that members family in the harassment of the law, engaging in bad social behavior. Other behaviors such as: unusual income, the breaking of one wife, person, gambling, bad social, personalities, luxurious wear of a great deal of things; identify income; Parties, parties, signs, weddings, funerals, marriage … smaller are found, often organized. This use of staff, civil servants, party members in the open public area, people know, but they do not know where they are to reflect, who's.

Why do many managers perform some crimes? In my opinion, our equipment does not have to make the results public and publicly publicized. So far, we have had too many rules on the role of a board of directors at Fatherland Front and large public groups, but the specific survey method is not available, especially for individuals. People living in residential areas. In particular, guidance on proof of assets, income of consumers, civil servants, Party members as set out exclusively in workplace, is not open at the place of residence. It is difficult to say that people need to look at them, because they can not know what the assets of staff, civil servants, party members, what annual increase? In daily life, there are unusual partners in lifestyle, activities, business relationships, rights, people, cadres relatives, civil servants, party members … although they know, but not There is no way for people to reflect, review, verify and write; recommend handling.

Everyone knows

(Deputy Director of Ho Chi Minh City Development Research Institute)

In my opinion, there is anything in the sphere, asking all the people to know. Since the sleeping rooms, civil servants and party members have lived and how they live, how the family is living. Conduct conduct of Party Party, State law, which they and their wives do; doing illegally. , how many houses, land lots …, people know, not to hide. The main thing is like giving people the place to say, they say they are; keep track of the Fatherland and the majority are new. As there is no room for reflection, there is no public forum in explaining the unusual definitions of consumers, civil servants, party members and families in the residence, and usually people who meet where they are shouting Expansion, creating a bad job, a & # 39; affecting the reputation of chairs, civil servants, members of the parties.

Therefore, I recommend that management activities in the area of ​​the population have to go into the content with specific mechanisms and regulations, tightly. On the other hand, there should be a mechanism to stimulate and reward the products and reflection of the people appropriately, and to help the parties of parties and the active agencies to prove it to time and time; Ending the inconsistency from officials, Civil Service, Party members involved in property ownership, unfair income, complex business relationships, legal breach. At the same time, a mailbox must be obtained, a channel for information, and a tool for protecting information providers, so that people are reluctant and hard to have the right to direct. The role of the Front Fatherland and the large groups in the residential areas should be strengthened, the quality of the activities to encourage the strength and close relationship of people, to participate in a major survey. most effective.

HOÀI NAM writing


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