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I'm 35 years old and I'm a general job. In this year, I was always always under severe heart in the past. At age 27 I was married to Tuyet – a college friend. She is in obstetrics.

Externally outdoor activities, arts exchange, we pray and enjoy. love each other. She is also a full-time student of all ages. After graduating, work sustainability, I first put my home to Heaven, let parents marry.

My mother was happy and happy because her only son was married. She finished preparing to talk to the snow wedding.

But, when my mother met Tuyet, my mother suddenly dropped. Both were destroyed. Looking at the idea of ​​both mothers, I am going to; I think, I do not understand what's going on; happening.

Away going home, my mother gave me a gentle advice to stop the snow with Snow. She thinks that she is not suited to me. Especially with her / her opinion, I made a great deal of complaint. I asked if anything that made me change.

But the reason did not tell. I was sorry to leave the room, mood mischief. Snow call, & # 39; crying. She also told her that her mother put her face.

Both families prohibit love. I and Tuyet are essential to record the marriage, and move to live together. Two mothers were told us.

Married for one year, Snow is publishing good news. I jumped for pleasure, hoping that parents would welcome you when the baby was born.

Since the day I was pregnant, I did all the housework, he took care of her, and I did her job.

A young couple living alive, though not rich, but always laughing busy.

But no one expected, when there was heavy snow for three months, I went to work, unfortunately, she fell to the floor. The neighbors need to go to an emergency hospital. The doctor stated that my wife was lost as a result of a serious disaster. I heard that I fell almost.

Since the day of losing children, the snow has been quiet, so unlawful. She got cold slowly with her husband. Poverty from a sad woman, I gave Snow to travel a few places for help but worse the situation.

He cried to him, shouting to her husband for small things. The couple are in a state of struggle, tightening.

One day, I'm going home from work, I will not see my wife. On the list there is a divorce divorce petition. Tuyet, I do not go with me again. Now she wants to free herself, get new eyes. After half a year, I cure, but I failed, I took it to the court.

The last time came on behalf of her couple, and her; blow Snow on my deer. I agree and divide a divorce, turn two ways …

I do not understand why to change it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the firstborn of the first child is ill, we still have a chance to have children?

Since the day we broke up, we sent the message away. I know that his son's son left his wife, or did not know me.

I was delighted with my mother's chorus: "I found that right, get someone else.

Unfortunately, I will put my head into the study, to go abroad as a graduate student. On the water, I was put forward to leadership roles, which led the knowledge.

A mother put in, balanced, let me get out of the other girls but I was disappointed. Two years ago my mother was very ill. She complained to me, the birth of the child. My mother loved, I put my cry to a marriage with Yen Chi – her best friend's daughter.

In fact, I never believe Yen Chi. It's all about her.

My two-year-old son gave me a magnificent, magnificent son. Looking to m & # 39; mother, my heart suddenly remembered his wife ever to iron. That year if she did not look, our baby was big.

A few months later, my mother disappeared. After graduating my mother, I went to France for three months. Yen Chi is sorry because her new baby, her husband was away.

It also seems that she also recognizes a division, a disagreement consistent with her & # 39; couple and every night just cry calmly. I know it's a mistake, but I do not; forget Snow

In France, I met to Snow again. She is still single, working in Ho Chi Minh City and sent to a review by the agency. Coming together in that situation, we were embarrassed.

My feelings will be back, and # 39; Look at the woman that I am. I really enjoyed it, I just want to let me, with her side. BBC Connections We can not control it, we got together as a child.

And I had something with my wife. On her birthday, she drinks much alcohol. In alcohol, Snow revealed that my mother was the reason she lost her children and the marriage was broken.

When I was away from home, my mother came out to my daughter-in-law. She said that snow was the enemy's mother. In the end they loved a man.

He was about marriage to his mother but still argued that his mother was his mother; there. Eventually, it was broken down, & # 39; banished out.

He went abroad and did not return. My mother thinks that Snow is sad and she was so angry.

So they will be pressed in marriage. At that meeting, my mother was so heavy, and Snow worried, fell and lost. Light snow, born heavy and the pity that happened, we lost each other.

She is not married because she is very happy to me. Now I'm killed. Yen just means, and snow is very fond of love.

Should I have to be very good, quiet to your old lady or not? Give me advice.

Theo Huyvu … @ (VietNamNet)

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