Astronomers find out about 2,000 stars that may be your home's plane like Earth t


Astronomers find out about 2,000 stars that may be your home's plane like Earth  t

Source: Sandy Hakim – Tram News

A team of astronomers has found nearly 2,000 stars that are to be examined to help understand its ability to give people a good life on plans similar to Earth.

The team, from Cornell University in New York, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, and Vanderbilt, Tennessee, reached this impressive number after researching 250,000 stars.

According to the British Daily Mail, NASA used Taser astronauts to trace the stars, and this title can scan 85% of the entire room.

Experts have found that the devices on the satellite are sensitive enough to look at the planet's size plans, which could be about 1,823 stars found.

"Our ambition is not only to get out of hundreds of Earth-like geese in other solar systems, but to trace them around the nearest solar systems," adds distinguished Kevin Steason, in a narrative, "Within a few years it is possible that there will be another world."

If TESS is able to locate a planet with a planet-like environment, the researchers say, “The next step is to see whether life is very good or not, a degree that researchers have identified. the hardest thing, perhaps it needs a jetty on the selected planet. "

"Although we don't know if anyone has seen anything or anything on this planet with satellite, that is fantastic and appealing to our understanding of our place in the world," Stason said.

Last year saw the launch of TESS in its two year mission, which will examine 26 areas of the region, over that period, TESS managed to overlay 13 parts of the south of the area. T was audited. .

The TESS satellite was launched by a rocket from a vehicle in August last year, capturing some stunning images of a star group that has emerged with breathtaking clarity.

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