«Asyut Oil Scamer» Local banking arrangements and $ 500 million loan parade


I wrote Afaf Amar:

Saturday 17 November 2018 – 10:09 PM
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Saturday 17 November 2018 – 10:09 PM

Asyut Oil Purification Company has tackled local banks and a Parade to provide a loan of approximately $ 500 million to fund the project that fires the oil for oil.
The sources said that the national company receives the oil loan, "Anubak", which was set up for a & # 39; project has been established recently. The company has a & # 39; Investigated by large banks in the market to determine what value is needed and that it is likely to reach 500 million dollars, and its Gulf.
The Assiut Al Watania Oil Production Company division structure is 30%, 30% Assiut Oil Refining Company, 20% Oil Valley Hunting Company 20%, Nile Petroleum Marketing Company 20%, and the recently-contracted company with Technip Italian & To build the construction of its project, which is expected to start working in July 2021.
The investment cost of its $ 1.9 billion project is the most important project for the development of Asyut Refinery. The new complex will receive 2.5 million tonnes of diesel annually from Assiut Animation for a & # 39; manufacture and production of petroleum products, and up to 1.6 million tonnes of diesel in European designations, NAFTA Tonnes for high octane gasoline and 101,000 tons of potatoes, plus 330 tons of sensation as a result of secondary materials.
Asyut Petroleum Refining Company is part of the first level of the government's first IPO government level, led by the Engineering Company for Petroleum and Chemical Industries (ENPI), for its & first time. The Egyptian Drilling Company is launching for the first time. First of all.
Midor has recently secured a 1.2 billion European bank financing to support expansion projects to increase capacity at plant and company at an investment cost of US $ 2.3 billion, in which the National Bank of Egypt and the First Abu Dhabi Bank work as financial advisers to the company.

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