At his test for levying tax, Dieudonné invites him to be silent


Dieudonné's test, suspected of having more than a million euros of money, opened from his exhibitions on Tuesday (March 26) in Paris. – AFP

"I think everything is in this file," I will leave it to my lawyers to answer you, "I will quench myself quietly …" On the … second day of a trial in Paris for "raiding" or "abuse of social goods",
Dieudonné Mâ € Bala & Bala were against the court "to give silence" to the court during the first quiz. Added to questions from the president of the criminal court, the controversial comedy refused to define Wednesday.

The judges then began to investigate the case with the prosecution for "social property abuse" against Dieudonne and his partner Noémie Montagne, due to their company 's adverse impact, Productions de la Plume. Noémie Montagne was the legal leader.

"You don't appear as a manager of the company, not just as a customer or as a person who is in receipt of money: it would make it clear that you would want to go out of sight to make sure it wasn't convicted," the president to Dieudonné, suspected of being a de facto manager of Productions de la Plume. "I would have answered the mischief," said the polemicist, "but I'll set myself to silence."

The total amount of money collected in the coffins was 657,000 euro

The president also questioned the comedian about 657,000 euros in cash received in the vaults of his property: "Why is this money at home and not the bank accounts of the company at the money given?" were there? ". But also the lack of cash register and payment of card in his theater of the Main Or, now it has been canceled. No answer. Her husband was also against his right against silence, saying "innocent".

Dieudonné was more considerate when he arrived at Wednesday's court, pending "an unconventional journey (trial) to the end." "I'm not a victim or a politician, or the taxes, I am a taxpayer," he said. In recent years, we have been spending banks, criticizing an entirely explained situation. "

To exclude this right, "it is a defense option, when one is to be sure, not to leave a room for an explanation," made Dieudonné sure at the end of the hearing, saying " c ”it's a very special thing, tax.

Some € 1.4 million has been invested between 2009 and 2014

In previous years the court had considered several defense appeals: two priority questions of constitution, which were rejected, and motions for the disorder of proceedings, which are decided by the judges at a time. Its judgment was judged.

The studies, which were launched in 2013, revealed some 1.4 million euros in cash collected between 2009 and 2014 by 53-year-old comedian, who was said at the time to be broken. and his family, and his family. The poorest and companionship are judged for "misuse of social buildings" at their company's expense and Dieudonné will respond to "tax fraud", "tax abolished" and "organization of dating" the offense ". Their couple and company will also be assessed for VAT VAT, to cover income.

The test starts on Monday, to Wednesday.

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