According to László Lovász which they contributed to the staff of MTA, Palkovics gave them a great deal: they split into the search network or were removed without questioning.

As reported, at the end of Friday's debates at the Hungary Academy of Science (MTA) and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, a statement was circulated advising that the MTA acknowledges its separation of the network network t government research outside MTA. it works, although it can be retained in the governing body's principle, and MTA representatives can play its part. The Academic Staff Forum requested that the Headship be rejected in favor of this statement, as they believed the President had run out and had been involved in previous presidential decisions. when they accepted the Palkovich terms.

László Lovász, President of the Academy of Hungarian Science, sent a letter to researchers and Science Academy staff in Hungarian on Monday to decide their decision on Friday, and a letter was sent to the t hvg. Palkovics gave them a real pension; or, without questioning, changing the law.

In the letter, Lovászék has argued that it is best to ensure freedom of scientific investigation, to apply consistent quality through a network of centers operating within a reorganization and regulatory framework within t the MTA framework, but

In light of the discussions, the Minister said that the Government is not accepting the position of the Hungarian Science Academy and considering that there will be an independent new network institution research by the Academy of Hungarian Science in the form of a new organization. a public body as a constitution. He said that if the MTA stood on its own position, the Government would assume the research locations subject to the transfer of law without HAS consent.

The letter states that the research network can remain compliant with any declaration of intent, that the MTA will be mandatory of professional instructions and decisions, and the ownership of the research network and the MTA's "logo" can remain . According to the letter, they will work to continue on these aims.

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