At midnight, his car park was parked in midnight, hundreds of people, police officers out


The event took place at about 22 p.m. on November 26, at an indoor workshop and repair repairs in the Nam Trung Yen district (Cau Giay, Hanoi).

Fire in a garage in Hanoi city. Clip from clip

The whole building was covered by fire

Ha Noi: Large fire inside a night car & car, many drivers will driving - Picture 3.

Some cars are burned, fire-fighters burn fire

Witnesses commented that they found the flames that came out of the factory at that time, then spread them out and then. brutally brutal. The people informed the authorities immediately.

Hanoi: A large fire at a workshop within a midnight car, many drivers will be able to go. driving away - Picture 4.

Many firearms and industrial forces were moved to the scene

Some cars are driven by drivers who move rapidly from the fire's side to avoid flaming.

We received information, Fire Brigade No. 3, the police in Hanoi have moved 4 firearms and several troops into a fire.

Our control of fire is 22h45. During the fire, there were many cars in the garage, many of them were safely sent out, only a few cars were damaged.

Ha Noi: Large fire inside a night car & car, many drivers will driving away - Picture 6.

Mr Lai Manh Tien, Chairman of the People's Trung Hoa Committee, the Cau Giay area, said after the fire was discovered, officers of the Trung Hoa office were present and co-ordinated. With the active forces to control the fire quickly, the traffic stream for a & # 39; fire protection, protection of the scene.

For almost 23 hours the fire had control. Initially, the fire did not eliminate casualties.

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