At one level, together with Nanak and Sadek Khan –


The party is nominated to the Secretary General of the party's Dhaka City Metropolitan Committee, which is named by the Awami League to Dhaka -13 seats, as well as its presence. General Secretary General, Nanak.

Although he remained active all the time in the work of his party, he was present for the last few days; left, but on Monday afternoon, at the beginning of the capital Mohammadpur, a community meeting was held at the Community Center; He supported Sadek Khan.

Nanak's exciting talk fond, Sadek Khan, new candidate, said: "I'm leaving it to my oldest brother, who gave me the speech, I brought her to her coffin."

At the beginning of the meeting, in the last 10 years, and giving Nanak as MP, a documentary program on the development of Mohammadpur, Adabar and the town of Sher-e-Banglanagar was presented.

His supporters went into the program with a slogan named Nanak. Brother brilliant night, we did not forget you, & # 39; Nanak was not there; lost, the people who lost the truth.

In the speech, Nanaak, the current MP, broke down in tears. He said, "I have been working continuously from the day I built the boat in this area. Our leader, Sheikh Hasina, has taken his boat to Sadek Khan. So we must agree to forget the differences. In terms of protecting this country, we must be one of the boats. "

He said, "Sadek Khan is the earth and this person's head, my brother. He has been in charge of our team in this area for a long time. Our director, Sheikh Hasina, gave us the symbol of the boat for Sadek Khan . So I'm grateful for this. Sadek Khan must work. "

To Sadek Khan, Nanak said, "People with one, the leader of the competing leader can compete with the leader's leadership. But everything you do is pick up your chest."

Then Sadek Khan said, "My oldest brother, Jahangir Kabir Nanak Chan, no one can say, I had never taken any day."

He said, "We all have to work together for the interests of the boats to forget the differences between the union. If you make a mistake, I also want to make my excuse, correct it."

Nank and Sadek Khan have been fighting for a cold war for a few days, who will be a ship leader in the next eleven national elections. This fierce fight, the start of the spread of the names of the Awami League in the last month; , to grow as a public form. On that day, the staff of Nanak and Sadek Khan were involved in the conflicts. Two of them were killed.

Then, as a result of being one of the two, new gender election politics were in Dhaka-13 seats.

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