At Steam he fell on sale


Even Steam was on his / her main name, and did that when Friday came Friday, but he named the jesenn sold. It will be online from November 27 to November.

Together there are 14 titles, including:

Team 2 for 23 bulls
Dead Cells 2 for 20 bulls
Life is Strange EP1 for 4 euros
Jurassic World Evolution for 22 euros
Civilization VI for 18 yuan (a pre-order for Collecting Gathering for 40 yo)
Rainbow Six Siege 14 eur
ARK is 22 inches
Rocket competition for 10 bulls
The Steam connection has been sold for 2.5 euros (plus sweat)
Odyssey Creed Assassins for 40 euros
Far Cry 5 for 30 bulls
Fallout 4 for 14 bulls
Cuphead for 16 bulls
The Tomb Raider Shaw for 30 euros
Vampyr for 30 bulls
Kingdom Come for 30 bulls

Together with them again, you will be nominated for the Steam Awards, where you are now the year's department, and will be nominated for the year's game, the year's VR game, year of year, the best environment, but also the game with friends or the best game in other history.

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