AT & T will negotiate a Vehicle Renewal Agreement with the Fox Network Group – Variety


The AT & T and Fox Group have decided quietly on a broader renewal agreement for most of the Fox Group Networks channels on the DirecTV and U-verse platform.

The contract came before the end of the previous agreement with DirecTV by Fox. It was also handled by asking or commenting on ideas; affecting the public over time, a special achievement at a competition where there was an increase in business between major programs and distributors. DirecTV monitors a large number of major suppliers of content revival in the & # 39; next year, including Viacom. It is acknowledged that the AT & T-Fox talks were long, tough and sick at times but were never at risk in a & # 39; boiling in public.

Fox is waiting for the & # 39; Her move with Disney early next year. The multi-year contract is a & # 39; covering a 21st Century Fox mix of assets that will be sold to Disney – including FX Networks and National Geographic – and those who stay behind with a new Murdochs on Fox, including Fox Sports 1 and 2 and 28 O & O stations to reach 17 major markets. AT & T receives live, demand and streaming rights for DirecTV, the DirecTV Now OTT service and the U-verse telco service that is available for sale. growing. AT & T has been stressing U-verse since he received DirecTV in 2015.

Fox News is not featured in a & # 39; new contract. AT & T has long-term agreement with the power of the cabins that had been configured to & # 39; Most of vehicle carriage is different from Fox's sibling couples.

"We are delighted to have closed a multi-year contract with Fox for their entire content. Our customers will now enjoy their livelihood and demand on their tools all, both at home and on-that, "said Daniel York, content chief executive and exec VP for Communications AT & T." Fox has worked with us in this contract to increase option to consumers and better value for AT & T users "

AT & T may hope to send a message to other programs by organizing a freeze fire resolution by Group Fox Networks. Fox is not worried about entering PR battles with other MVPDs, and # 39; including Comcast and Altice, in the past few months.

At the same time, DirecTV's conduct with competitors is under review as long as it is; including Time Warner after a solid, solid shadow in Washington, and appealed to her; needed by the government. AT & T is also under pressure from investors to deliver growth to give Time Warner $ 85.4 billion, which was completed in June. All this comes at a time when DirecTV's subscribing center is slow but just; declining steadily. The arrowman has about 25 million subscribers in US and Latin America; He showed 359,000 under video in the third quarter, and his company signed in October.

"We are pleased to expand our partnership with AT & T through this broadening agreement that ensures that our best sports and sports programs are available to Directors of Directors, DirecTV Now and U-verse for the future, "said Mike Biard, the Fox Network Group, the president's release.

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