At the airport late, he moved to his / her; woman to run the viaduct & # 39; plane hoping to jump out by bus


In life, there are times when we go to; sleep, grow up late, or not; getting into trouble, causing us to be late for trains, cars, planes; Then go to go on, hope you can get caught on his journey.

Unfortunately, a woman who bought aircraft tickets from Citilink from Bali (Indonesia) quenched a flight to the capital in Jakarta. When she reached the airport, the same trip to a QG193 plane was to go at 7:20.

At the same time, with the "still" slamming idea, "female women moved late in the morning over security defenses and went to the bed, where The plane is preparing to start the trip. my own. It might have been said that flying attendants and their pilot would go on board the plane, but when they were running to take a bus on a road.

Female passengers late to work with staff on the runway to apply for the board of the plane

However, in fact, the plane could not be by bus, airports to ban on the women's activities and tried to keep her back before an incident was unfortunately. Continuous female passengers were struggling for a few minutes before "lying down" to the superficial terrace.

The 20-second clip will take the moment Facebook and Twitter were posted immediately on the same day and many of Indonesia's websites are constantly sharing.

A spokesman for Citilink confirmed the event with the Indonesian Liputan6 broadcaster Monday on Monday. He said that the plane was off after the safest was marked safely, not to disturb his / her; woman.

The event was well organized when the women were resolved to reach another board to Jakarta, leaving at 4:40 pm on the same day.

(According to Timetables)

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