At the cost of the roofs, VN-Index was larger in 5 weeks


ckVIC, VPB play the tops

It is highly anticipated to & # 39; putting on the banks of coal and oil stores, but today it is the new VIC that is in the; code. The last weekend fell down to 1.7%, today 6.99% said. VIC was purchased partly due to motor-related support information, partly because the price was at a minimum of 6 months.

The VIC roof win is a formal market for the market because this stock has been significantly relocated. Indeed VIC has provided VN-Index help to achieve 1.99% or 17.78 points today. This is the best from October 12. In addition to VIC, VHM also received 2.39% after 5% loss of the week.

Today stocks, oil and gas stocks arise. HDB can not keep up on Monday's top price, just 3.17%. VPB is the same stock in which; a banking agency that has a top price and pride. VPB carries a profit, but demand is too strong. This stock has traded over 6.7 million shares.

The banking department just did not refer to IDB, the remaining TCB rose 3.11%, VCB was a & # 39; 1.5% increase, MBB was increased by 0.24%, CTG increased 5.01%, STB rose 1.65%. A banking agency was up 1.47% to GAS, PLX was a & # 39; 4.61% increase, PVS increased 1.05%, PVD increased by 1.86% …

Unfortunately, VNM did only just 0.35%, SAB 0.2% and HPG with 0.71%. If these stocks also rise by over 1%, this VN-Index will reach a strong rise.

Blue-blue has worked hard on market resuscitation after weak days. The VN-Index raised up 2.25% and was the best indicator of the HSX. HNX also had all the benefits, but none of these rose by more than 1%.

The strong increase of blue-chips has created broad spread. Psychology promoted because the index was rising strongly. For every 1 section, 1.79 shares were expanded. There were 20 prices of the price of the atmosphere and blue gites were adding 2 stocks such as the VIC and VPB, and the rest were the little captains.

Foreign missions have no "co-operation"

A market broke out well on her; the first day of the week but a foreigner soldier sold a lot. The exhortation is that foreign investment investors are selling at & # 39; market and the price is not & # 39; weakened.

The VICs were the main retailers and closed at a & # 39; the summit. Customers were very strong and so foreigners sold over 900,000 items. VIC still has a lot of purchases. VCB was also sold aggressively during the session and it was difficult to build prices. However, at the end of the day, householders still pushed their prices. Most settlers were mostly sold but they did not buy VCB.

In the banking department, CTG is the most active countryside predominant today. Approximately 1.2 million CTGs were bought and sold. CTG raised 5.01% with a 5.5 million stakeholder share, sale of all investors.

Foreign investors are bare retailers about VND93 billion today, almost as opposed to the VND126 billion sold last week. There was no overflow block but a & # 39; As a result of increasing market and market prices, sells more when price increases.

Another point is that the liquidation is low today. If you do not like to thank some of the major ideas of VJC, SBT, GEX, VHM, you can not. The total value of the 4,000 billion VND business can be reached. The equivalent value was about 9% from the previous session, which meant that investors had a " reducing trade orders on the ground.

Although weaknesses are weak but with big buttocks, the market has been largely transformed. VN-Index was not found, not only at least 900 points lost last week, but jumped to 915 points. Today's benefits were enough to balance the overall loss of the week. That is a strong inspiration.

Tarantasan 19-11



Value Compliance Order

Command Command

Value Compliance Order

Command Command

VND 2468 billion (-7%)

$ 123.9 million (-13%)

VND372 billion (-22%)

27.2 million (-17%)

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