At the end of the final result, Wanna One talked about the extension of his charter


Wanna One was holding a news conference on late November 19th in Korea, before returning to the "Power of Destiny" record. As well as sharing interesting information related to the title "Spring Breeze" and the new album, Wanna One officially responded to the media and fans about the extension of the contract of the organization the next time

In particular, the members indicated that there were no discussions regarding the extension of their contract between Wanna One and Swing Entertainment. In addition, the group also confirmed that the current time is still too early to talk about to # 39; spread.

Last weekend, Wanna One talked about the expansion of her; charter - Picture 1.

After many people have been talking about expanding a contract, Wanna One has spoken officially

Also, at his news conference, Ha Haung Woon said: "I like to play in different places as part of Wanna One, I have done a lot more do it than when I was a trainer. " He decided hard to delete sounds: "We did not think about expanding our contract because we had to focus on the new album."

For a member of Lee Dae Hwi, he said:It's too early to talk about. I do not think we are in the highest level of having a & # 39; Speaking at the end and nothing is resolved yet. We will discuss this after we have completed a program enhancement and related actions to the & # 39; this record. "

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