At the moment, in the Moldova Republic, the prevalence of epidemiology of fluctuation is intense and medium-sized


According to data from the administrative departments in the week 21-27 January 2019, the morbidity caused by intimidating risk threatening the 454.36 issue of every 100,000 population, exceeded the benchmark (315.88 per 100,000 population), with 44, 1% compared to the previous week.

270 seasonal wild cases, including 62 surgeries, 16134 of high humorous emergency (IACRS) and 680 of severe emergency diseases (SARI), were recorded in the designated week. The section of SARI cases is 2.9-6.0% of the total number of people, whatever they are, case in the central PSI. Individuals who have been diagnosed with flu have been cure in accordance with clinical protocols.

Also, in the philosophy laboratory of its National Health Agency; In general, 91 samples from people with funny virus infections were investigated in the presence of influenza and infnosis viruses, with the molecular molecular method, the presence of influenza viruses (49-A (H1N1) pdm09 and 13-A had 62 positive symptoms (H3N2)).

During this time, 3 cases of death influenced by influenza virus A (H1N1) pdm09. Not everyone was vaccinated against seasonal flu.

We confirm that the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection are committed; monitor and monitor the epileptic illness with a reasonable flu and behavioral behavior; recommend to the population to take all measures and hygiene regulations, to talk to the doctor immediately; to visit healing healing and follow advice from doctors.

In addition, for setting up and running it, Strengthening hospital care, additional resources are deployed and depressed beds in some medical centers to take patients to hospital. All centers provide the necessary medicines, and & # 39; including antivirals for flute patients.

The National Emergency Medical Assistance Center pre-hospital continues to & # 39; Severe problems for patients with influenza and respiratory illnesses in medical or hospital medicine.

Note, between 1 October, 2018-27, 2019, there were 541 cases of flu, 140902 of IACRS cases and 7608 cases of SARI issues.

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