"At times, Tapia did not make the best decisions"


Jorge Valdivia commented on leaving "Tito", Lucas Barrios' ideas and the desire to return to the national team.

A football year for Colo Colo it is over and at the time of analyzing, Jorge Valdivia It was clear. "We lost school, and it is difficult for the youngest to be the responsibility of the case, because they sometimes do not respond and, usually, this behavioral room, always listening to everyone and it's open. " Colo Colo's position, for example Carlos Villanueva did not establish, Villanueva may be the next Kaka, " spread "Wizard" to Fox Sport.

About leaving Lucas Barrios, Valdivia He said that "I did not see Lucas' statements and he has his reasons very much." For something he says, Lucas stressed his enthusiasm in Colo Colo, he came early, he took his physics out, but unfortunately he was not comfortable to & # 39; playing football. what people were expecting from. "

An "Wizard" performance analysis Héctor Tapia. "He knew the differences and spoke to some, he had a bad luck on the negative struggle, before ten matches he was a good coach, I think he would have to to make better football matches, at certain times, to behave politely, they need to play more and he recognizes that he was wrong in In some cases, I need to be open and unbalanced by the Bird (Jaime Buckets) ", he said.

Finally, the booklet mentioned it Dearg "It's still not better than Valdivia (laughter). The team has to be the best team in the National Team, many times it does not exist because there is a system at which it is. coach. There is a double conversation, it's going to restart the case and is Esteban (Walls), there are differences, I want to be in the national team, " conviction.

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