Atlético erred by Mandzukic


An Atlético de Madrid Looking for new strikers who may be useful for future seasons but the fact is that if we are going to do it, look back, let one of the bigger moments escape, that is Mario Mandzukic, which now protects the colors Juventus Turin. Crota's opponents are very high since it came to an Italian team and to experience, Madrid's club did not have a small patience.

Mandzukic had only one season in the rojiblanco team, during the 2014/15 campaign and despite the recording of very good numbers (20 visits and five help in 43 games), he finished to Juventus at the end of that campaign for just 21 million dollars. In Madrid there was no patience with this player and four seasons afterwards he still has a Show that it's a mistake to get rid of it. Since he went to Juve, he has completed 42 goals and 20 support, despite being the uncertain, he is one of the Turin team's strong men.

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