Attacking objects in smuggling BMW car "real"


After the case was dismissed, the main problem was the case as Nguyen Dang Thao (SN 1974, Thua Thien Hue country), which used to be the norm. Director General of European Automobile Joint Stock Company – Euro Auto. This industry used to be a worldwide distributor of BMW cars in Vietnam.

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Hundreds of BMW luxury cars are found outside the harbor in Ho Chi Minh City

The collaboration with Dang Thao Tran Hai Dang (born 1974, Din Dinh), is Deputy Director of Viet Forwarding Trading Co., Ltd; Nguyen Thi Minh Yen (born in 1982, Dong nani country), formerly Head of Design, Product Management and Division The European Transport Company Company will distribute.

The defenders Nguyen Dang Thao, Tran Hai Dang and Nguyen Thi Minh Yen were convicted for "Smuggling" as stated in points, b, Clarsach 4, Section 188 of the 2015 penalty code, amended and amended. T was launched in 2017..

The Procurator Fiscal has transferred the convictions, which made people involved in HCMC the right to take action and the first trial and trial.

According to the conviction, between May and June 2013, taking advantage of car imports with BMW to sell Germany in the Vietnam market, with the aim of reducing taxes. T and permission to use under 9 contracts of purchase is a contract signed by BMW AG, Nguyen Dang Thao, Nguyen Thi Minh Yen, who have reprinted sales contracts, converted to 91 cars, certified documents of practice t .

To carry out this transport, Thao and Yen collaborated with Tran Hai Dang to fail 91 Notices of the BMW AG Company with a value less than the Account on the Account supplied by the BMW company with the total. The total amount is 129,259 EUR, to include tobacco clearances 91 BMW cars with a total value of 2,163,692 EUR (equivalent to 60,027,197,566 VND).

In this exercise, the defenders have unlawfully benefited the European VND Company 6,456,290,417 and damaged the State with a total fee of VND 6,456,290,417.

Justification is in a decision to determine the extent of each object in this "message". Hence the Nguyen Dang Thao, who represented the European Company, signed the documents directly, fake documents to complete the import methods. Tran Hai Dang delivered the Account with a lower value just, making out electronically imports to 91 cars. Nguyen Thi Minh Yen is responsible for ordering, accepting the papers, knowing well and agreeing with Nguyen Dang Thao and Tran Hai Dang in stupid, Fàirdal and other documents. The set of imports should help to aid the case.

For 91 cars, they can be imported and cleaned by accepting that they are files and decreasing the contract value, the Sonas is defined as a backdrop.

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At the end of 2016 and early 2017, the provision of real BMW and MINI vehicles was disrupted as Euro Auto was in a "sight".

Currently, European companies have sold out, sales companies buying European cars have signed sales contracts and don't know that European companies are using false documents to import them so as not to pull them. away. The cars have eaten. Therefore, the European company is responsible for the value of used smoke cars.

Also your account of more people, as well as "billions of agreement" above, Dang Thao – Hai Dang – a performance of Minh also introduced 133 BMW cars in 2016; 23 cars were sold when there was no settlement decision; Introducing 81 BMW cars in 2011 – 2012 through AAF Company, Hong Kong.

133 BMW cars are known to be wholly reliant as "sun drying, sun drying" in the port for over 2 years.

By the European Company using the Account which Tran Hai Dang introduced to introduce cars in 2007, the Procurator Fiscal has submitted a written request to the Ministry of Public Protection Scrutiny Group. The law has just finished quickly.

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