Attacking the bikes of Mevo in Trmucień. On Sunday, the system won't work


– We thought we would be interested, but that it was better than we expected – to adopt Marek Pogorzelski, speaker for Nextbike. To midnight, from Friday to Saturday, residents for two public clubs reached over 38,000. trip. This means that each bike was hired at almost 9 hours a day.

Renewable batteries

The Mevo makes sure they get a free bike next to the miracle. You can also find bikes at stations that cannot be hired. The reason? Goods met. On Thursday evening, only 150 out of 500 wheelchair users were available in Gdansk.

– We started all bikes at the same time, so they spread at a similar pace from the start. The situation is already under control, we have strengthened the teams changing batteries. In fact, bikes still load at the stations, but we will try to replace the batteries as soon as possible, "said Marek Pogorzelski, speaker for Nextbike.

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