Audax attacked Curicó and arrived in the Sport newspapers


Excellent year end receiving Audax Italiano, one of the best teams in the second tour of the 2018 National Championship.

Open to & # 39; date 29 in Florida's 200th Annual Year, the "italics" they got 4-1 to United Curico.

Ignacio Jeraldino (43 & 39), Sergio Santos (45 & 39), Fabián Torres (72 & 39) and Darío Bottinelli (91 & 39) they celebrated local people.

On the outside side, which came to an end with 10 players by breaking Daniel Franco, dropped Sebastián Zúñiga (67 & nbsp;).

In this way, the two will be spent left by 34 units in the centers, save yourself from descendants.

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