Audax will end the struggle he has lost by & # 39; Curicó and make sure it is stable in the first place


After five uncertain games on victories, Audax Italiano celebrated again this Friday by winning 4-1 over United Curicó in the Bicentennial Park in La Florida for the 29th anniversary of the National Championship 2018.

The team was led by Juan José Ribera, who did not win from October 12, when he defeated Barnechea 1-0 for the Copa Chile, saying he had the power to attack the armed warriors Sergio Santos and Ignacio Jeraldino.

Jeraldino was just sending the account at 44 & 39; hitting punishment And in the first minute of a & # 39; The first time, Santos benefited the audience with a specific explanation.

Curicó suggested a re-visit through the penalty of Sebastián Zúñiga (62 & 39), however, raising 73 & 39; Fabián Torres for the area and at 90 Dún Darío Bottinelli scored with a 12-step image.

With this effect, d & # 39; Audax Italiano works well mathematically for living in the & # 39; First Division, although it was possible that he fell largely impossible after the 28th of the Competition. Curicó was completely out of danger.

In the final date of the 2018 National Championship, Floridians must visit O & Higgins in El Teniente, and the team in charge of the team with Jaime Vera needs to take part in La Granja before Shile University.

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