Audi e-tron GT Concept arrives before official Debut


It was presented for its official office here at Show Auto Auto 2018, the Audi band emanated through the GT Communications to select some media last night in the middle of LA by Robert Downy Jr. to honor. Yes, we were there, nobody was allowed to take any pictures, but these images of a friendly model are now released. You have to wait for images of the car – which looks awesome – when it's a open to the world tomorrow.

Audi has been stressing what is involved in the Tesla Model S problem over the last few weeks, but specific information is still scarce. What we know is that we know how it is; share much of its general kind to the future Porsche Taycan. Remember, both Porsche and Audi are part of the VW group.

Although the e-tron is a SUV cover, the GT through the shape of the GT is a slippery four-door capped shaped, with a A7-like stick, slippery glucose lines, a rectangular end and bundles of supercar eyes.

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