Audi lève le voile sur la TT RS restylée


"The new TT RS is in full quality," said Michael-Julius Renz, Head of Audi Sport GmbH. "As a well-trained athlete, it is even more evident how much power is under the skin outside his bones." Oliver Hoffmann, CEO of Audi Sport GmbH, says: "The performance is extremely successful with low speed performance, dependent on athletic energy, and the five prize winner. We won the "International Engine of the Year" award that was subsequently requested by the 2.5 TFSI device for the ninth hour in a series. "

Sightly looking: Outdoor design
The TT RS has never been this male. The whole end is completely proven and the fascinating backdrop offers an insight into it. The quattro logo is in a matt titanium shape in the lower section of the black black grid with her black Singleframe. The lateral air appliances, once extended, are divided into direct strip and inside strips. For cooling reasons there are additional radiators outside the normal grill RS meal. The lateral air tools that extend almost every way to front wheelholes; make the new TT RS appear very broad.

There is a continuous face spoiler that is pulled upwards at the lateral heads that drag the front face quickly, Carrying its special, motorized motive. The blade is usually painted in colored color, but it is also available in aluminum or black-haired scenery. There is a pretty black machine in the RS symbol in the scratched side. The exterior mirror houses are available in body color, matt aluminum, black, and carbon views.

At the back, the fixed rear shield is newly-designed with wings that are opposite to the side; catching the eye. As part of the aerodynamics concept, it supports the normalization and normal effectiveness of RS. Design elements are straightforward just above the new RS special division. There are two large large-amplified ambulances of normal RS creation ready.

LED LED lights are common. The optional matrix handling units will manage the lines consistently and with great flexibility. The optional OLED matrix is ​​a light (diodoid transmission of organic light) with 3D design that spreads the light with equality and accuracy. When it is lit, the lights that OLED will turn on an amazing display. Inside, there is a 12 hour red mark on a wheelchair.

The new TT RS is available in eight different colors, including the new Kyalami green RS-color and the new Pulse orange and Turbo blue colors. When you ask, aluminum packs and black black slabs will have a & # 39; marks the blade and the back wings. The iconic black styling package incorporates the Audi rings and the RS TT model logo in black on the front and back as an option. The top of the TT RS Roadster is black. The exclusive Audi program offers a range of additional opportunities for personalization.

Successful achievement: The 2.5 TFSI
Output of five cylinders, 294 kW (400 meters-horse), 480 Nm (354.0 lb-ft) of torque, wheeled quattro drive-the Audi TT RS impacts on internal values ​​and its; offer driving performance separately. The Coupé will appear from 0 to 100 km / h (0 to 62.1 mph) in 3.7 seconds only. A musical band is provided by the usual standard five cylinder sound: 1-2-4-5-3. Due to this heating route, an engine will move between the cylinders near and the other apart. This special rhythm is a music for many of the many-powered purists' ears.

Last year, Audi Sport won the "International Engineer of the Year Award" for the 2.5 TFSI device for the ninth continuous tour. The turbo engine will pull its power from a & # 39; removing a 2,480 cm engine3South West The highest boiler at the engine of 480 Nm (354.0 lb-ft) available between 1,950 and 5,850 rpm. The highest speed is controlled at 250 km / h (155.3 miles) no choice 280 km / h (174.0 mph)South Westerly

The armies of the five-cylinder engine run through a seven-speed S tronic to the wheeled wheel drive; distributing power as needed between the cells through a multi-plated band. The control of a heat-resistant wheel is even more scarce and safe. The driver can use the optional optional mobile handling system to influence the quattro drive and other parts such as management, S tronic, engine features, and artificial rugs. The four methods available for this are to be comfortable, automated, advanced, and individual.

Intermediate Dìleas: The hanging
Low weight (1,450 kg (3,196.7 lbs), TT RS Coupé gun) and the regular fun dependent to deliver the basic requirements for the excellent handling of the Audi TT RS. The advanced driver that has changed specially to the RS ensures that the road is closely linked. At the front row, there is a steel disc that is on the air and is sprayed; behind the wheels 19 inches or 20 inches. The pancakes are painted as black as they are, but they are found in red as an option. As an option, the RS sport plus hangs up with suitable protectors in the magnetic technology of Audi's household. Their control technology is also integrated into the optional Audi mental handling system.

Encouraged by motor facilities: Inside
Control and display in the new TT RS is completely targeted on the driver. The RS sports seats with a rhombus pattern in Alcantara have no choice with a honeycomb pattern in Nappa trout leather as well as the RS logos on the seats, wheelchairs, door tritches and the selected herbs & # 39; Expressing the fun character of the 2 + 2 S-channel seat There are special RS shows in the piping at a standard Audi platform with a 12.3-inch screen; Provide information on tight, torque, and aristocracy. In a manual mode, the shift light prompts the driver to run up to the top of the device. In addition to a multi-folded, the RS sport leather steering wheel with shift padding includes two satellite controls to turn the engine off and out as well as the system Advanced Handling for Audi Driving.

The new RS designer will add red or blue identities to the car on the airs, the seat belts, and the mattress with the RS logo. The RS enhanced design folder also offers different design elements of the seats and center consulates.

Updated: The defensive system
Audi also offers special features. The options that include the MMI address and MMI address; including free text search and voice control on natural language, as well as the Wi-Fi website and Audi module online link. Online services will reach & # 39; vehicle at the LTE level. Audi's tweed phone interconnection will connect smartphones to the TT RS and can directly convert content to Audi's crazy USB cockpit. The Bang & Olufsen sound system has a good knowledge of the board with a 680 watt output.

The new RST will be available for order to start on 7 Februaryth, 2019. Coupé and Roadster have trading companies since the spring of 2019. The price for Coupé is EUR 67,700. The Roadster starts at EUR 70,500.

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