Audi receives $ 110 million euro: it was a simple idea; which helped to do so


How did Audi manage to save money? Everything is very simple – a company will listen to staff. Their suggestions helped to & # 39; reduce production costs.

Audi recognizes that staff are closer to her; production process. In particular, they are part of it, making it easier for them to see areas where simple solutions can be greatly improved. Workers are encouraged to make and always make offerings. In 2018, Audi received around 25,000 staff. Suggestions on how to improve your business – just at Ingolstadt and Nekarsulm factories.

In fact, all offers are not valuable. However, most of its & # 39; help. Audi has implemented 13.5 miles. more than half of them. As a result, there are savings of EUR 109.1 million.

All the concepts that have been implemented are not even possible, but some of the examples are <math>; shows how staff in the production area can see and display; value the process. For example, plastic plastic components in factories are named by BAR codes that allow detective robots to identify. Audi staff suggested that the code would be inserted into the plastic while it was & # 39; detail the details. That is, the plastic patterns are replaced for the stickers who can read more recent sensors. This improvement will only help Audi save around 21,000. annually.

A couple of pain shop staff have been aware that paint is often prescribed despite the most common colors at that time. By improving its & # 39; process in order to order a special color paint, rare, staff found 280,000 Audi saved. annually.

More than 8 million The euro was saved from special funds for special bonuses. The program will continue, so Audi expects valuable offers to continue. When the product becomes more automotive and Audi is increasingly focusing on electric cars, the production process is often not completely cleaned – it is not the case; take time. Business engineers and factory managers find it difficult to find problems in a good time, and here staff are involved in everyday production. So their suggestions are so valuable.

Audi also receives staff donations from other factories. In fact, in Brussels and Brussels factories, its company saved more than 34 million last year. EUR.

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