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Both Aurora Cannabis (NYSE: ACB) and Hexo Corp. (NASDAQOTH: HYYDF), formerly Hydropothecary, has been awarded a roller-coaster trip to investments to date in 2018. Hexo's shareholders may have heard the voyage more. The marijuana stock is almost 45% after doubling earlier this year, and Aurora Cannabis has decreased by over 15% to date.

Which of those stores is best to deliver more than the depreciation to future investments? This is how Aurora and Hexo Cannabis build up each other.

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Case for Aurora Cannabis

Some make a global market marijuana at $ 100 billion – and perhaps much larger than that – over the next 10 to 15 years. If they are right, these market winners will have amazing chances to meet demand channels and worldwide spreads. Aurora Cannabis already reviews each box.

Many thanks to the finalists, Aurora Cannabis expects 150,000 kilograms of cannabis to be made on an annual basis too early next year. Fast until mid 2020 and the annual production capacity of its company should jump to more than 500,000 kilograms. By achieving this goal Aurora will become the leading marijuana-based world-based producer.

Aurora's release series start at home in Canada. The company has a & # 39; The biggest market share in the Canadian medical cannabis market, with partners including CannaMedical and Mart Shopping DrugsAurora received a secure supply agreement for the recreational marine market with 12 areas and areas. He also bought a role in the salesman of alcohol Alcanna, made by the two companies to sell cannabis stores in Canada.

Although it is still early for Canada's Canadian marketing marketing, Aurora seems to have been a huge winner so far. There is a & # 39; The company is the finest four motifs in British Columbia. Aurora also believes that her products have been on her / her hand; Creating nearly 30% of the total sales in Ontario in the first weeks of the continental recreation marijuana appointment.

But international marijuana markets have the best chance for Aurora Cannabis. The company says that the largest market division is in the # 39; Germany, the largest marijuana outside North America. He is the only representative of selling a medical cannabis licensing in Italy and his & her; The first one to put out medicine cannabis for Denmark.

Aurora's discovery of ICC Labs has expanded the work of the company in Latin America. ICC is about 70% of the market sector in Uruguay, the first country for its dedication to marijuana. He also holds licenses for medical cannabis results to Colombia and Mexico.

A case for Hexo

Hexo is not as big as Aurora Cannabis, but he's in a good shape when he comes to his ability. The company is expecting 108,000 kilograms of cannabis to be done by the end of 2018. This phase allows for a temporary level of Hexo as its fourth largest marijuana producer, even though other companies are experiencing; expanding the potential that Hexo seems to bend some of the recordings.

And although Aurora is doing well in other areas, Hexo is a home in Quebec. The company contracted a large deal with Quebec in the & # 39; April that is allocated to a market share of 35% out of its gateway in the continental market marijuana. Without a & # 39; a contract that was ahead in the history of the Cincinnati business.

It is not the only case in Quebec where Hexo is a. selling its leisure marijuana materials, however. Hexo has supply channels in four other areas and is expected to add another to the list. Even more importantly, its company was incorporated as a provider for the marine marijuana renewable market.

Hexo is one of the two marijuana growers in Canada who is chosen as a companion with a strong alcohol company. Mollson Woodland Recommendations Hexo won as a partner to make a cannabis-made drinks for a market in Canada that is expected to be open for business in the late next year.

But what about global market marijuana? Hexo is behind some of his biggest campaigns on the international stage. However, the company expects to expand to markets outside Canada; start next year. Hexo says he has started "startup speeches" by Colombia and Greece for a " making cannabis in the countries.

Better marijuana stock

The Aurora market band of almost $ 6 billion is more than six times higher than the Hexo market share. However, Aurora Cannabis has much more and more sales than Hexo does.

What's more, Aurora is expected to be clearer. The company has a strong company already over the world, long & is Hexo not. As a result, it is my belief that Aurora Cannabis is getting the nod as the best marijuana stock.

But when I enjoy Aurora better than Hexo, I have not sold it to Aurora as a good choice for investors at the moment. I think it will be longer to grow. company to determine its value than many think it will be. My acceptance is that there are other stocks that offer more attractive prices for investors' risk pricing; benefit from growth in the business of chinnabis.

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