Australia: S & P / ASX 200 (AXJO) expected to start higher trading week


Australia: S & P / ASX 200 (AXJO) expected to start higher trading week

It is anticipated that the Australian department market will start on the higher sales week, after an exciting end to the latest session on Wall Street.

But the market appears to be already in the week ahead, as there is still some uncertainty about a number of global issues, including the United Kingdom contract.

The future market suggests that the rated S & P / ASX200 level will rise by around 0.3 percent, or 17 points, when the Australian trade begins on Monday.

That's coming after US stocks finished to a higher level on Friday, after a bad trading day was completed with an 11-hour purchase spree.

Generally, prices tend to be: Downwards.

Note: this card is & # 39; Demonstrates spectacular price to the lower.

The main projected link is: 5,874.69.

The minimum level is considered in advance: 5,569.98.

The estimated closing price is: 5,722.34.


There was a black group (because closed prices are lower than they open).
In the past 10 barracks, there have been 5 white candles and 5 black candles. In the last 50 bar, 26 white candles have 26 white candles and 24 candles.

Has a long screen. This is usually a bearish signal (especially when it is near high prices, at server level, or when the security is circulated).

There was a spinning roof (it is candles with a small lump in a spinning roof). Spinning roofs identify a session that has little price activity (as defined between the difference between the open and the closure). At a platform or near new jumps, a spinning roof may indicate that there are landscape losses and the bull can be in trouble.

Evaluation indicators

It is a general term in Momentum that is & # 39; used to describe the pace with transferring prices over a certain period. Typically, changes in the targeted are likely to be & # 39; leading to changes in prices. This expert illustrates the current values ​​of four emerging expressions.


One method of interpreting the Stockcilist Oscillator is to search for places that n " overshadowed (above 80) and areas over (under 20). The Stockcilist Oscillator is 13.4682. Reading is over here. However, a signal has not been made until the Oscillator is over 20. The final mark has been sold back to three eighteen (s).

Co-Strength Strength Index (RSI)

The RSI is overwhelming (over 70) and places above (below 30). The current value of the RSI is 35.71. This is not a high or base area. The creation of a mark is to be purchased or sold when the RSI moves out of a region that is over / over. It's the last 13-month purchase mark (s) back.

Channel Channel Record (CCI)

The CCI looks too much over (above 100) and places above (below -100). The current value is CCI -124. This is a reading over. However, a signal is not generated until the signal is exceeded -100. It's the last 3-month sales mark (s) ago.


The average mobile transitions / transitory signal (MACD) is giving signs when it is & # 39; crossing its 9 marks line. The last item sold 0 times (s) ago.

Rex Takasugi – TD Profile

S & P / ASX 200 closed down -5,400 at 5,730,600. The book was 16% below average (neutral) and Bandan Bollinger was 34% wider than usual.

Open High Low Close Volume___
5,736,0005,757,9005,726,5005,730,600 496,265,600

Outlook Technical
Short term: Oversold
Intermediate Origin: Beusach
Long-term: Bearish

Moving of midgies: 50-time 50-time 200-time
Close: 5,841.51 5,986.52 6,051.03
Abstinence: 17 16 13
Book: 567,999,680 606,145,472 584,234,880

Short-term trades should take a closer look at buying / selling vendors while intermediate / long-term traders should have more emphasis on their / Bullish or Bearish movement seen in the low ribbon.


S & P / ASX 200 is currently 5.3% lower than its average; 200-year-old movement and is in a downward movement. High flexibility is comparable to the average diversity over the last 10 times. Our complementary indicators show that there is a quantity of & # 39; Flows in and out of AXJO at a comparatively comparable distance (neutral). Our suppliers who have an estimate of their & # 39; currently moving to AXJO largely and this vision has been in place for the last 51 times.

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