Australia said he gave a child to India?


There are two Australian & Asian children. at Sehwag Image Collection Australia has won a one-day Australian race and series, and Australia will visit India without their reminiscences, Australia will be in a hurry. coming to India in two Twenty20 competitions and five one-day trips, Virender Sehwag has featured on a TV screen for Ost Bholeni broadcasting television channel broadcasting eliyake responsibility.

At the beginning of the advertisement, a group of school children went into the dressing room after an Australian game. Without saying it in the voice of Sehwag, and Ole Ole Ole. Look who's here? The whole army in Australia has come. Ole Ole Ole. He said that Sehwag has gone on so that she can not. children to pull. When we came to Australia when we went to Australia, they asked Baba to sit in the bed. We said everyone will come true. & # 39;

Now we will go deep into your story. The Australian captain Tim Paine was runner-up by Rishabh Ponty in the Test Test Melbourne in Australia. Pane said, "Due to the fact that Ponting could play a game due to Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the ODI series, Paine," Listen, MS is here; return to the ODI team. We may add (Pontus) to Hur Hobart. We need a bat. Pant, what's a choice? Take a tour around Australia a little longer. Hobarte is also a beautiful town, get a brilliant place, invite you at lunchtime. Can you sit in bed I watch a woman with a movie, you can see a little girl.

Ponty has responded to this amazing sliding. Pantai took pictures of two children in her lap with the penn family. Pane's wife, Boni Instagram, "The best player." After making these advertisements before the Australian tour, it is a memorable to me the interesting story of Star Sports. It seems that the Australian team wanted everyone to return to India with their children. They did not want to leave their children, but they did not; Feeling they were still there, they seemed to have been there.

But we need to wait until we realize that advertising children are admitted to the Australian team. When he saw that the pants were wet as a result of the child lying on their chest, just then the word Sebag is self-serving, and there is only one idea, a & # 39; See our limit, do not steal you again. There is no problem in & # 39; understand a point. Australia warns him that India is worse in the country!

The Australian Australian tour begins on February 24th with a & # 39; First Twenty20 in Bishakhapatam The one-day series begins on 2 March on 13 March.

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