A new selector explains what Devade Cooper needs to change to make Wallabies

Michael O Connor, new Wallaby elector, has made it clear that Quade Cooper needs to be less at risk of having a test remembrance after moving to Melbourne Rebels.

Cooper said he returned to Super Rugby by helping the Rebels to Brumbies defeated 34-27, but O'Conor, who was involved in the team of seven Australian employers from 2008 to 2014 and who was a Wallabies elector in 2006 and 2007, focus on the adoption of risk options.

Connor, who will start his position as a constituent with the president Michael Cheika and coach leader of the Johnson Johnson rugby player next month, will tell Sydney Morning Herald: "There are still areas in his game and work needs to be done and if the ones are possible, then it will be counted.

"I would be surprised if Michael (Cheika) did not agree with that. At a Test level, even though you can not cast blind paths. You can not take risks at online. "

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Cooper's show against Brumbies welcomes creditors Sport Reporter Sport Fox, Greg Martin, says "The most remote exhibition from Australia in three years."

O Connor expects that many debates have been selected, including the option to be & # 39; Just use one of Michael Hooper and David Pocock at Number 7, but Cheika's final decision is expected. O'Conor also believes that Cheika had taken control of the team's invasion rather than being replaced by Stephen Larkham.

He said: "I could have a different look at the table and I'm sure Johnno will do the same. The most important thing is that debate and have a healthy debate about mixing. It is helpful to just have a set of eyes and eyes. At the end Michael is responsible for the side and he chooses the players he wants and that's how it should be there but there is a healthy debate. "

"You'd like to have a talk about David Pocock of game No.7. If Cheika has a strong reason to preserve things like he is, that's fine, but I am I think we should have the debate and we will have the debate. It's interesting.

"When I was a constituent we had Phil Waugh and George Smith as a backbone. Back we did not start Waughy because there were two big backbacks, really We have a great deal of the best cuts in the game and so we're lucky enough to go out, I'm going to & # 39; think that there will be an argument always. "

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