A news dancer makes users of social media a & # 39; decline

If you were hoping for a busy weekend on your busy day … do not continue reading this. Everything that's going on is uncomfortable and a lot of things. inward decline.

Users of social media are roasting a short skip of the Lord Superior Graham Quirk; Attending a preview of the BrisAsia Brisbane Festival at Chinatown in the Glen.

According to its website, the Festival will "feature artistic and traditional Asian and contemporary cultural events".

You should be sorry for seeing a couple of kimono. Some simple tunes may be made on the guzheng. Classic Chinese dance number.

You can not no It is expected that a group of school girls will dance for her; Bard, who … well … brings out a sense of discomfort in general, saying the smallest ones:

You can go to literally to dislike the mischief of Mr Quirk long & s the camera laments her & # 39; camera back to it throughout:

If you find a video short of it, you're not alone. 7 News The social media channels of Brisbane have been back-to-face, with a great deal of contrast to this dance scene Ja King:

"When Ja 'mie King is proposing to set up the fiddle for the Lord Mayor. This is very hard," wrote Kym Rose.

"I'm not sure if you're laughing like it's so great or because it's really awesome and that I need to smile because it's not inaccurate. well behaved, "said Crissy McCarthy.

"That's sorry," said Melissa Cadenaro.

If anyone needs us, we will be out in a church somewhere praying for the soul of the Lord.

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