A shipwreck hunter is a UK boost to get a Salary airplane quickly

LONDON: The researcher who received the flight route that was Argentinian Emiliano Sala san t-Seanal football carrier on the authorities on Tuesday (February 5) indicated that the unintentional body into private.

"It's been time to talk when you talk about a body, so it is essential that they will continue to revive its & # 39; plane and agency, "said a merchant hunter, David Mearns, AFP.

Mearns was recruited by a Salary's family to find the light ship after he disappeared near the island of Guernsey on January 21, with the 28-year-old football and David Ibbotson pilot on board.

He was defeated on Sunday, before the British Government Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) took over the work. They confirmed Monday that a corpse was found at the site.

"Finding this is just the starting point. The AAIB needs to investigate … The best result for the families is to find the plane and get the two groups back," said Mearns.

"The sadness of the loss, it has done a lot, is much worse if their organization has never been back or never responded to what happened."

He is back at home in England, but he has confirmed that there are many AAIBs at the moment, trying to find out what next thing you will do.

"You need to see if you can build the plane without disturbing your body and also be sure to build it up," he said.

He said that two seat movements on the coast of France appeared last week that the plane was broken.

"It's in one field (on the seabed), it's only one step, but some things may not be tied. So you do not want to worry put on your body in a way that you miss it, "he said.


The AAIB stated that it would publish an interim report within the next weeks and did not respond to requests requested for further consideration.

Mearns is not actively involved but is still in contact with the Sala family in a WhatsApp group.

They raised over 370,000 euros ($ 422,000) in an online campaign to pay for private research, with donations from 4,800 people, including major football players.

"That had not happened, I do not think anyone would find the plane," said Mearns.

"The AAIB told us that they felt that there was a lot available … They felt it was going to be harder."

At the end, AAIB kept a boat to go to Mearns on Sunday, and marked the shipwreck.

He said that revival was now "capable of technology – there is no doubt in the depth of water, and the weather can be ruled by the right boat".

"It's a good cause to do it," he said.

Mearns liked the efforts made by Guernsey authorities in the days just after the plane disappeared. They just asked the search after finishing no one could live.

There was a room flying from France to go with it; his new club, the Premier League side of the City of Cardiff, when the Piper PA-46 Malibu pilot dropped the radar north of Guernsey.

He had just moved from the French Nantes team last week, in a 17 million euro shift – a record for the Welsh team.

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