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AFL ro-season 2019: We did not learn from Week 1, the best players, dramatic debuts, Rising Star race, SuperCoach instructions

What's the tip of the page? which was seen as one of the best in the years.

And just over a week of the pre-season, there is now an amazing Expansion Star fleet.

Yes, and everything else we learned from the first week of the JLT Community Series It's not just a pre-season, but …South Westerly

Each game of all visits of the AFT 201 AFB 2019 is unlocked during play. Find everything on Foxtel.

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Kade Simpson did well: Sam Walsh which is "a breach". The draft version No. 1 was similar to "played at the stage for 10 years", accordingly Fox Choir analyst Nick Riewoldt, as he put up 28 offers and eight within 50 for the Blues.

Walsh did not seem to have been at AFL level, but it would be a star, a & # 39; showing amazing points and skills that believe old age 18. He could have contributed to the midfielder of Carlton's emphasis on Patrick Cripps, most of the people who & # 39; suffering in the AFL.

Walsh was involved in winning the Blues

Walsh was involved in winning the Blues


New Gluasa Companion Michael Gibbons (three goals, and a play in Matthew Wright, a little advanced career) and Nic Newman (to protect and enjoy the added statistics as a result of changes to the tax regulations).

Dylan Shiel He did the Essendon again and was "strong", according to Jonathan Brown, if it's not much bigger than that. Of course there is not much now Andrew MacGrath (25 effects, six evictions) is very spectacular for the Bombers on Thursday night.

Package Time & # 39; delivered early

Package Time & # 39; delivered early


But Simon (15 effects, four within 50s and obvious corridors) showed how he will make a big solution to the Bombers theme.

"The type of Essendon player is what is needed. He will add some melting to the midfield and he will emphasize Zach Merrett, in particular," said Brown Fox ChoirSouth Westerly

"GWS has been routinely claimed at GWS and how we know Zach Merrett gets tags a week – so it will be a hard decision for challenging coaches, which will be a & # 39; tag this year. "

Danieher's dream is coming back

Danieher's dream is coming back



Oscar Allen specified in JLT and a club; fought against the Cats, pushing three goals in an exhibition that many coaches Adam Simpson will think of being considered for Round 1 selection.

Without Josh Kennedy (cas), Allen worked strongly in conjunction with Jack Darling, with the two hitting eight elevators between them.

Can the eagles play the three houses together? The team has already had many issues, with its club and # 39; Trying to play two supporters, including Nathan Vardy, who is a cèilidh of the goals. Allen would be unlucky that she would be looked after for a long time.

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We know that the "Trinity Holy" was scrapped in 2019, with Gary Ablett for more time and Captain Joel Selwood tends to have a " move through protection. So who will go with Peter Dangerfield in the engine room?

Brandan Parfitt set his hand, after winning three goals from 21 performers in class performance against the eagles. The 20-year-old enters into the third AFL season and is started for more middle minutes.

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It may have been the only JLT game, but it was meant much more for St Kilda after a difficult week in which they lost two players for a long time uncertain, by Jack Steven. take away football time to deal with health case mind and Jake Carlisle's position for back surgery.

Saturday, it was Paddy McCartin in the first half and Seb Ross In the second half that helped to guide the Saints to a commendable benefit at Chirnside Park.

After spending the number of stars out in the last few years, he finally came out of North Melbourne on the last October in the form of a clan chief Adelaide Jared PolecSouth Westerly

He passed away to the Kangaroos, which collected 27 touches to go to # 39; donated outside Brad Scott class. Defender Jamie Macmillan spread. 40 options down and Nick Larkey showing a commitment within 50.


Adelaide got a year to forget in 2018, but in 2019, all of them are back. Brad Crouch back from a 17-month absence with revenge in Port Pirie on Saturday.

New co-captain Ruairidh Sloane and Eddie Betts both returned to the best stage. Brodie Nic a 'Ghobhainn going around the ground, and # 39; show exactly what the Crows were missing in a year where they were from a & # 39; playing in a final weekend for September.

The Crows played on Port Adelaide in a & # 39; first three quarters, before the power moved back late but not supported.

The first round trip at Port Adelaide Zak Butters Put her hand up for the start of opening by & # 39; collect 25 arrangements. Yes Travis Boak find enough enough in the first game from the # 39; he disappeared as a captain over the summer.


When Dylan Shiel disappears, there is a place as a permanent player to win in the GWS work line. Tim Taranto He sent out his appeal to the place of performance against the Swan.

Already considered to be the top star possible, Taranto showed that it would be 2019 a year ago; going up, serving more lines in other locations than any other person (18) and his / her; record 33 offers, 10 marks, six evictions and seven times.

In defense, Zac Williams again again why the Giants lost it so big in 2018, even with Lachie Whitfield playing at All-Australians instead. Little Williams can do the first half, with 18 proportions (15 feet) at a 94.4 per cent efficiency and 445 meters were earned.

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It appears to be included in the Round 1 side with it Jye Caldwell, who Leon Cameron compared to Toby Greene last week. Taken with the election received for Dylan Shiel, Caldwell won two goals and showed his class.

Isaac Heeney (24 touches, two ends, the two top teams) to do some of the things to swans – he would have been happy to be able to go. giving him a chance to enter the AFL platform this season.

Appointments Ryan Clarke and Jackson Thurlow Getting opportunities to & # 39; shine, and both hard, recording 20 and 17 individual spills – Thurlow was much more effective.


After losing so many players for a while, Brisbane ended some players during the season. And three of them made their appointment on Sunday.

Great name to hire Lachie Neale Amassed has 31 installments first, and his close companion and co-team Lincoln McCarthy looking dangerous inside 50, breaking two hits and a & # 39; eighteen away.

Sunday Jarryd Lyons Also affecting, & # 39; The 26th effects of the Lion strength affect her Hawthorn side with 42 points in Moreton Bay.

While Hawthorn's leadership group was a missed the trip to Queensland, James Cousins put his hand up for a place in the Roundlast Alexander Clarkson side by collecting 29 compensation as he did Harry Jones who still appears as a person who completes some of the empty left Tom Medal, the base base with Brownlow.

Irish Conor Nash and a star defender James Sicily They played in an attack, finishing with two goals each.

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Richmond got the biggest name in the last October trading season – Tom Lynch – but they attacked another invasion threat in a Round 1 hut Noah BalticSouth Westerly

The 19-year-old man has been involved in Punt Road crash for 18 months but he has not been able to do so. He can do a lot on Sunday to win his last chance.

And this was not the only option Damien Hardwick could look at Carlton in a few weeks. Distribution Mav Weller Also putting her up with an amazing post within 50, length & # 39; and he was running guardians Jayden Short (29 compensation) and Bachar Houli (35 elements) are bent down all day.

Note for Nacho

Melbourne broke out of the blocks behind two mid – Clayton Oliver and Angus BrayshawSouth Westerly

Both Brownlow Bonners cast out of the final season and are looking forward to doing so this year. But on Sunday, he was Brayshaw. with 37 offers, 11 marks, 10 clearances and 10 within 50, and Oliver with 35 compensation and 17 warranties.

in addition to Bayley Fritsch and Christian Salem, there were no other demons who made four-quarters against the Tigers, with a new trust Braydon Preuss not only to exploit the opportunity to & # 39; lock in Round 1 place without Max Gawn than all Australians.


There was no sign in a large group of people who came into Gold, but Izak Rankine no doubt how to make a good idea.

His inauguration, South Australia's status with Pick 3 in the most prestigious version of the world, added its name for the influence of the sun.

They were two young people; with a smaller billionaire that also contributed well to winning, with state troop recruits Chris Burgess and surprising her & # 39; 2017 Wil Powell Each man breaks two hits.

In the ongoing effort to solve his team's superior problems, Luke Beveridge introduced Mitch Wallis There for much of the night and it was really good, and it's three times for him.

Jack MacRae show that it is ready for another year to play high-level – although many of the football players do not have to play it; Still consider – recording 40 installments.

But it may be Aaron Naughton who was the most important Bulldog in 2019. His work as a firefighter was shown once again on a Sunday night.

More than just the Dogs had two – Fox Choir Reporter Jonathan Brown said Naughton would go ahead, with her Brisbane camera maker; Believe that Naughton is the best player in the club.

But that is more likely to take a & # 39; plug out one hole in a boat that defends to complete another one.

Fremantle v Collingwood to play on Monday night.

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