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Air NZ questioned air prices

New Zealand has backed the support of public and Government anger – and which banned all air to and from Christchurch at $ 139.

He is also reimbursing some of the airboards which were set up after 3pm on Friday, to reflect the price of $ 139.

“The airline has seen a big increase in demand for travel to and from Christchurch over the last 24 hours and there have been flights to a great extent or near,” said the airline in t report after criticizing the price of some of the fares into the towns.

“New Zealand has successfully flown to domestic fares for direct journeys to and from Christchurch at $ 139 to assist customers who need to travel to support the ones they need to travel. Was the hunting accident affected. '

Air NZ had criticized the price of airplanes available by Christchurch after the attack on Friday at two.

An updated Twitter customer took on Saturday to scare the bus at prices between Auckland and Christchurch.

At that time a trip would cost between $ 747 and $ 787.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson also took up the flight.

Robertson had contacted Air NZ to “make his views clear” on this to be a time when the airline should offer "no pollution charges".

Air NZ is owned by the government and Robertson is a grant minister in the airline.

“I've just got in touch with New Zealand and can make my thoughts clear,” he said last night.

“I know that they sometimes offer unusual charges, and that would have to be one of them. ”

Robertson reiterated that Air NZ had advised him that they were “offering complex rents for households affected and they have decided to reduce fares to Cch for some days since they were due to today. ” t

'Their call, and the right call.'

Commenting today, Air NZ said: “The airline has generously donated generous support from Friday, which has been providing free travel for the deceased family as well as bringing complex fees on friends and another family with nearly 100 people so far done, including a number of group names. ”

Guled Mire, who originally built the $ 700 fares on Twitter, said: “[Air New Zealand] this is amazing! People literally try to enter Christchurch to be with the lovers and to make funerals the next day or so. I am very good at giving priority to the current position. ”

Air NZ answered promptly, saying: “The tragic events that have taken place are what we have been expecting and we're trying to get people over the weekend as well as the people who are directly affected. While we have been placing some additional capacity in this area, we have limited opportunity to see the vision and this is why the fares are increasing. ”

Mary continued to say that Air NZ's answer was "foolish and not okay".

“Islamic practices want the dead person to be buried as quickly as possible. Only you can help or mitigate people with severe hardship who can be affected by this situation. I won't buy it out of your hands, ”he said.

The role also attracted a lot of attention as people noted how the air company stands as “terrible”, “unstable” and “obscene”.

“Edit this @FlyAirNZ not this time for a profit,” wrote one.

Another said, “My God @FlyAirNZ. This is a national accident. Exclude your rule book for this time. Lower in prices. People need to go in and out of Christchurch and this is not the time to make a profit. ”

Another editor also wrote, “People are trying to leave their relationship and @flyairnz is progressing very well. I will travel this route three times a week. These prices are x3 [normal]. Our national carrier makes a profit from terrorism. ” T

New Zealand was in a rapidly changing position, and within the time said, “as a result of an ever-growing demand for customers to travel to Christchurch in the days ahead we will be reducing fares and increasing capacity ”.

The airline also said it would offer friends and family complex loads.

“Since the beginning of the disaster, we have been providing direct support to a family who has just died and taken complex fares away from friends and family all over the world. We have also been supporting emergency passenger transport in Christchurch, ”he said.

At 6am on Sunday morning the first Auckland voyage to Christchurch was selling for as little as $ 139, and ranging from $ 109 – $ 289 from Wellington in the next three days.

Mary said when he was thankful for the complex fares, Air NZ needed to work better to communicate these messages to Muslim communities.

“We are so grateful for the power of social media… keep continuing to promote this important cause.

Prices are still low enough if you ask me, "he wrote. T

A later statement in the morning tells of the fares $ 139, NZ said: “As well as the steps that New Zealand introduced to customers under the influence of the Christchurch hunting accident, it is also said. worked closely with the First Minister's office to transport key transport to Christchurch including emergency services staff.

“The airline has taken over 70 police officers from across New Zealand to Christchurch and a number of emergency support workers, including eight specialist doctors from Auckland, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Wellington and Tauranga. . ”

– This article first appeared on Herald New Zealand and was reproduced with permission.

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