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Apple Aircraft reaches Google on main site development tool – World

Google said on Friday that Apple had the opportunity to optimize a developer's development tool, and to block its staff from having a Try the features of new apps on iPhones. Facebook lost the same machine on Wednesday, but it was returned Thursday.

Google is confident that it will take a quick recovery. He said he works with Apple to name his temporary breakdown on some of the iPhone apps for iPhone, and he said he was expecting to solve the situation , soon.

Google refused to say why he lost access to the device. The day after the company came out voluntarily on a market search application called "Screenwise Meter", which Google had distributed to users outside the App Store although it was not teenagers.

Apple did not respond directly to an application for comment.

After moving Apple again to restart the Facebook entry to its developer's device, a "research" program was published by users, and # 39; including teenagers, who could make an app on people's use and the use of the internet.

Apple said Facebook was disturbing the device, known as a development campaign certificate, to spread the app in a way that enabled the social network to block Apple's data collection.

The certificate review means that Facebook can only distribute internal applications to staff that will help them to determine the features of software before they see users.

Although Facebook engineers still have a code and write work on the iOS apps at the phone center, they were unable to test applications in the field.

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