Ariel Winter's cousin attackes a disease affecting life in hospital


Ariel Winterhis cousin is recovering after fighting for his life hospital.

On Monday, the 21-year-old Modern family the social media star asked Instagram fans to think about giving it their recovery resource.

"Last year my Tino cousin was taken to hospital and life support promoted," said Winter in her Instagram stories. “The doctors are wonderful in the hospital with which he is now working hard to see what makes him ill. They said that if it hadn't been on a Friday he would not.

“They have made some progress to confirm and it is slightly better, but will be hospitalized and unable to work for a long time. "

Ariel Winter and her cousin Tino. (Nine)

Divide winter picture for herself and Tino with a link to GoFundMe New initiative to prepare for Gaelic. According to GoFundMe page, it was confirmed that Tino had Haemophilius Influenzae.

"I love my cousin," said the actor. "He is a remarkable man who loves and loves the world. That would mean a lot to me if anyone thought about giving them to their rehabilitation resource.

At 5pm on Wednesday 10th April, AEST, the campaign had raised over $ 19,000 (about $ 26,500) over its target of $ $ 15,000 (about $ 21,000).

One lucky person is to be seen as winter Modern family starring, with a Sarah Hyland listed as giving $ 2,500 (about $ 3,500).

Sarah Hyland
Modern family star Sarah Hyland. (Getty)

Unfortunately, after linking the link on behalf of his family, the winter began to receive negative messages.

In a tweet on Tuesday night, Winter said, "I am amazed at how many people I hate squatted about my cousin rather than a kind and gentle message. T I found out that my cousin's friend was just doing anyone else.

According to the GoFundMe page, Tino is now out of the ICU but is still in pain and being detained in hospital to keep a close eye on him.

The winter renewed its fans in the Instagram stories, telling that Tino is "out of the comedy and seeing the love and support it has." He is in hospital for a while and then has to spend time getting past it, but he can't survive anything. '

Ariel Winter's new information about her cousin. (Instagram)


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