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Billy Ray Cyrus will support support of Lil X after being selected from the Billboard map t


April 06, 2019 15:46:44

Billy Ray Cyrus, a musicologist, has put his support on a young player who debated when his winning song was down controversially on his native Billboard music.

Key points:

  • Billboard claimed the song wasn't "many elements of contemporary folk music" t
  • This followed a strong debate about the contribution of country music in 2019
  • Cyrus helped to restore the song to add the elements of rural to it

Old Town Road by Lil Nas X, who blends elements of hip-hop and country music, had reached the number 19 on the Country Hot Billboard Songs when it was pulled from the impact card last month.

In a report to Rolling Stone, Billboard said it was taken down because he "did not cover many elements of contemporary country music".

This was very powerful from the social media supporters of the rapper, who said it was a clear example of discrimination.

'What is a country about it?'

Lil Nas X said it was "hugely annoying" to be released from the charter, even though Old Road is still appearing in the R & B / Hip-Hop list.

He later told Time Magazine that it was a "country trap" and should be in both species.

But Billboard said it had changed his mind after reviewing the song's composition.

“When ensuring genes are generated, some of the factors will be examined but in the first instance music is musical,” said the producer to Rolling Stone.

“Following a further review it was decided that Old Town Road by Lil Nas X had been excluded from the Billboard maps.”

The debate came on when Billy Ray Cyrus, who was famous for the country country country in the 90s of Achy Breaky Heart, said there was no doubt that this song was both the land and the west.

"It was so clear to me after I heard the song once," he said.

"I think, there's a country about it? What is the basic thing with west and country song then I think, it's honest, humble and I have a receptive bothy and banjo.

Cyrus has since released a repetition of the song by Lil Nas X in a similar appeal to raising the credit of the song's country.

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