CEO Huawei: In two years, half of the first flag could be wrapped

Huawei was one of a few companies that introduced this year's smartphones. The panel Mate X is the device on which one flexible panel goes out. In a recent interview, CEO 39 Huawei announced that more viable phones are coming and gives a timetable when they look at them.

Huawei Mate X

Speaking to him GSMArenaRichard Yu said that in two years' time, their flag could be flexible. Technically, that is just two phones if we're talking about the Huawei brand-only flags.

I think it was half-part of water that could be used in two years time in two years. – Huawei CEO, Richard Yu

China has two main series – the P and the Mate series. The only Pro version of the two series is that of usable phones, while the non-protest model will be compatible with the traditional design. If we choose to add the Honor logo, there may be more bitter phones and the most likely model is Magic.

The Mate X is more expensive than the Galaxy Fold, the nearest competition. However, the Huawei actively believes that the price of discounts in the coming years will reduce, even selling for the same prices as current prices.

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There are also plans to develop smaller models by Mr Yu. “In the future, we can make a return phone on this behalf [P30 Pro], we have plans for a smaller, less expensive phone. He said.

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