Chris Pratt's Ellen Page out on the LGBTQ ideas of the church

Chris Pratt took this week's time to sit with Stephen Colbert and talk about his religion and his church.

The 39-year-old man spoke of how his relationship helped God balance his famous people.

"This good result, which I heard in the church, and felt that it was appropriate, was, & # 39; If the aim is to shine you more gently than the light that comes out of your case, market it and see it all the time, "he explained. "People in our situation, actors – you see it well. It's very clear."

He also showed his bible-inspired diet, known as the "Daniel Fast", after Daniel's Book.

"I did it through my church," he said. "It's based on Daniel … he was a man who was … but eating fruit and vegetables and grain … I was encouraged by my servant, we do it, it's like our -And insurance, you know, give something. And so, for 21 days I had no meat, no sugar, no alcohol, and it was amazing, it was really cool! "

Pratt will attend the Los Angeles Hills Zoe Church, based on Hillsong.

His fierce is named after the church "a hospitable church of a coward, but not a church that shows a gay way of life."

Page 31, which emerged five years ago and married the Canadian dancer Emma Portner last year, saying she would have a great interest if Pratt was talking about the ideas of the church on LGBTQ issues.

Page gave one of the biggest speeches that came out when she said she was so ill "lying by being left" about her sexuality.

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